How to Involve Dad in Breastfeeding

How to Involve Dad in Breastfeeding

Involving dad in breastfeeding is more important than you may think.  Studies show that dads play a critical role in whether or not mom and baby have a successful nursing relationship.  If you’re wondering how to accomplish this, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for how to involve dad in breastfeeding.

Educate Dad – It is important for dad to be educated on the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby, however the education should not stop there.  Make sure dad understands that although breastfeeding is natural it is not always easy.  To better prepare everyone try taking a breastfeeding class together – they aren’t just for moms you know! Dad will gain a better understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding along with potential problems and solutions.  This will help make breastfeeding a team effort and dad will feel involved in the process.

Support Mom – Whether dad is fending off too many hospital visitors which can delay feedings, helping around the house or simply feeding mom (it is said to nourish the baby you must first nourish the mom), lending a helping hand will help mom focus on breastfeeding.  It is no secret that men are not physically able to breastfeed but with a strong show of support dad can directly impact the effectiveness of breastfeeding.

Skin-to-Skin Contact – This is something both mom and dad can experience with baby.  Skin-to-skin contact helps promote bonding and is a great relationship builder.  Try cuddling, bathing, reading or just relaxing in a chair while your baby naps on your chest!  Dad will be able to bond with baby in a physically similar way as mom can while breastfeeding.

Bottle-feed with Breast Milk – Once mom and baby have established a healthy breastfeeding routine try and incorporate bottle feeding with breast milk into their daily regimen.  It is very important to ensure both mom and baby are comfortable with breastfeeding before this is implemented because studies show that babies can experience difficulty going back and forth between bottle and breast, especially in the early weeks.  If your baby seems less than enthused to take a bottle try not to take it personally.  Plastic bottle nipples are very different from what the baby is used to so experiment with different shapes until you find one that works.

Fathers need to remember they play a vital role in the development of their babies even if they are not physically able to breastfeed.  By providing support to mom, carving out special time to bond with baby and taking part in bottle-feeding breast milk, dad will be able to establish a special father-child relationship just as mom is doing.

Aeroflow Healthcare promotes breastfeeding as a family activity and wants to help you accomplish your breastfeeding goals. Fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form today and let us help you get your free breastpump through insurance!  We hope these tips and tricks on how to involve dad in breastfeeding will help your growing family because breastfeeding should be a family effort.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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