how the qualify through insurance process works

How the Qualify Through Insurance process works

With over 13 years in the healthcare industry we, understand how difficult it can be to navigate the insurance maze. Here at Aeroflow we strive to create a stress free and easy process for acquiring medical equipment through insurance and will do our best to explain every step along the way. A popular question we receive is how the Qualify Through Insurance process actually works. If you’ve had questions regarding qualifying through insurance keep reading!

How to Qualify Through Insurance

There are an infinite number of processes that one could go though to qualify for equipment through insurance. Depending on your insurance, the equipment you are trying to obtain, and the willingness of your doctor to complete all necessary paperwork, going through the process alone can be a nightmare. We make the process simple and straightforward!

  1. Submit the Qualify Through Insurance form online.
  2. Aeroflow will contact your insurance company and verify your benefits.
  3. Aeroflow will submit all required paperwork to your doctor and ensure everything is filled out correctly.
  4. Aeroflow will ship your mobility equipment direct to your door.

Since each insurance plan is unique, it is only sensible to qualify for your equipment through a company who knows the process and can get you results in a timely manner. We can discuss the basics for Medicare, Medicare replacements plans and Commercial insurance plans. All have a very similar process on most medical equipment.

Medicare: Medicare will always require a signed order for all medical devices. Some devices will also require you to go into the doctor’s office for formal visit to discuss the desired equipment; this is referred to as a face to face appointment. If a face to face is required, we will let you know and we can even assist in getting that set up for you.

Medicare replacement plans: Humana and United Healthcare are two very common replacement plans. Under most circumstances these plans will follow Medicare guideline very closely. If Medicare requires and order or a face to face visit then the replacement plan will require that as well. Medicare replacement plans often require a pre-authorization. Unfortunately, this can extend the length of the process for receiving your equipment. The insurance will have their care management department review any medical documentation to ensure the equipment will be covered before we can deliver.

Commercial plans: A commercial plan is the type of plan you have with an employer or a plan that you purchase on your own. Commercial plans do not always have as many requirements as Medicare or Medicare replacements, but sometimes they can require more.

  • Example: Many Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans require a specialty evaluation by a physical therapist for certain types equipment, where as Medicare rarely requires a physical therapist evaluation, except for certain situations.

We hope this has cleared up any questions you have regarding the Qualify Through Insurance process. Although it is important to be familiar with your insurance and their specific requirements for medical devices, we are always here to answer any questions you may have. For immediate assistance feel free to reach out at 844-686-5539. We look forward to hearing from you!

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