How Sleep Apnea Can Affect Others

Sleep Apnea ScreeningGrowing up, I remember my father being quite the snorer.  As a child, I clearly didn’t know what I know now about snoring and its affects on those around he who snores, as well as he himself. I was not troubled to sleep at that time, but I remember being able to hear my dad snore in my room when he was sleeping in his.  This was also something my mother was well aware of.

Snoring itself is not so big a deal when no one else can hear it, but it can be a sign of something else, as is well known for those who suffer with breathing problems or sleep apnea, and it can make us worry about the health of the person doing it, though they may not be aware as they are sleeping when it happens.  I do have faint memories of worrying about whether or not my dad was breathing properly when he snored so loud.  Aside from disrupting our sleep, we worry about their health and want them to do what it takes to improve it.

The partners of those who snore, or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea experience varied symptoms of surrounding the sleep apnea sufferer.  Some relationships really suffer since we all know that if you do not get enough sleep, you can become very irritable.  If you snore and it keeps your partner awake at night, he or she will surely eventually let you know about it, and maybe not in the most diplomatic way.  Many an argument has erupted over disrupted sleep due to the snoring sleep apnea causes.

Think about how it must be for someone suffering with sleep apnea and who is not being treated and how that affects their job.  If not getting enough sleep is known to make us irritable and tired and makes it hard to concentrate, then that will eventually affect how well (or not well) we can perform at the job.  If you are on a team, and let’s face it, we are all on a team of some kind at work, then those who count on you are affected by your inability to be productive when your sleep is affected.  Sleep apnea not only affects your loved ones, but it also affects those who employ you and whom you work with.

In the end, if you are a snorer, or are living with sleep interruptions or what may be sleep apnea, you are not the only one suffering.  Considering how you affect others is just as important as how you look at your own sleep situation, and what’s more is that something can easily be done about it if you just have a conversation with your doctor.

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