Healthy Meal Alternatives for the 4th

Healthy Meal Alternatives for the 4th

As we all know, the July 4th is just around the corner. Aside from the patriotism, fireworks, outdoor activities, and family time, we all know that this holiday is centered around outdoor cooking and grilling. The usual fare of burgers, chips, devilled eggs, and cake are all delicious, but at the same time may not be the healthiest choices.

There are many delicious alternatives that will satisfy your taste buds and not add as much to your waistline at the same time.

For our meat selections, let’s start with 4 ounce burgers.

Ground Beef Nutritional Facts:                                               Ground Turkey Nutritional Facts:

Calories: 243                                                                                              Calories: 203

Fat: 17g                                                                                                         Fat: 14g

Protein: 21g                                                                                                 Protein: 14g

Calcium: 17g                                                                                               Calcium: 37g

Aside from having marginally more protein per serving, you can see that ground beef has nearly 20% more calories, 21% more fat and only 45% as much calcium as ground turkey. Along with this, putting your burger on wheat buns instead of white buns can save you an additional 50 calories!

Side Items:

Potato Chips Per 1 ounce bag:                                               Tortilla Chips per 1 ounce bag:

Calories: 157                                                                                              Calories: 130

Fat: 10g                                                                                                         Fat: 4g

Though not a significant difference in calories for a bag of chips, the fat grams are what is crucial here. Potato chips were 250% fattier than tortilla chips.

Devilled Eggs (two halves):                                                      Grilled Asparagus (4 ounces):

Calories: 145                                                                                              Calories: 33

Fat: 13g                                                                                                         Fat:  1g

Sodium: 250mg                                                                                         Sodium: 27mg

Protein: 6g                                                                                                   Protein: 3g

As you can see, a vegetable side such as grilled asparagus is substantially better than devilled eggs. Though not displayed above, asparagus contains vitamins A,C, and Iron where as devilled eggs contained none of those.

And finally, we come to desserts. How can you make a tasty, sweet treat for the summer without going overboard on calories? Simple! Make a fruit and yogurt salad. Here is a quick comparison of a Fruit Salad with a traditional cake.

Cake per slice:                                                                         Fruit and Yogurt Salad per 4 ounces:

Calories: 200                                                                                              Calories: 92

Fat: 7g                                                                                                            Fat: .5g

Sugar: 30g                                                                                                    Sugar: 18.2g

Carbohydrates: 40g                                                                                 Carbohydrates: 22 g

All in all, by picking the healthier route, you can save yourself about 340 calories. In terms of caloric expenditure, this roughly equates to a 3 mile run or a 14 mile bike ride. Not to mention, by making smart choices, you will end up consuming 20 grams of fat instead of 47 grams. As you can see, you can still enjoy a healthy meal without sacrificing taste. We hope that you make healthy choices this 4th of July!


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