Give the Gift of Mobility for the Holidays

As we age, the number of people we know with mobility challenges increases. Anyone can suffer from the pain of injuries and can benefit from a device that will enable them to get around more like they used to. You may have a mother or grandmother who needs assistance walking. Your father or grandfather may have severe back pain from years of working in a dangerous job or living with arthritis. At Aeroflow Healthcare, our mobility division is focused on just this, helping people get around with less pain and restriction. With the Holidays in the air, why not consider helping someone you know by improving their mobility?

Maybe you are unaware of the wide array of products offered by Aeroflow Mobility. Here is a great place to get to know our mobility offerings. We provide devices from knee braces to automotive lifts and so many helpful items in between.   Have a look at our easily navigated mobility website and in doing so, you may well think of people in your life that can use some of these products.

For those who may suffer sports injuries, have arthritis or need support after surgery, you may like to see our selection of knee and back braces. The most popular back braces we offer are lightweight, built with moisture-deterring materials and made to stay cool while being worn. The Aspen Horizon 627 LO, for example, provides excellent support and pain relief, while having the lowest profile design of all Horizon products.

In the area of knee braces, the most popular item is the Delco Hinged Knee Brace, which provides a fully customizable experience. This brace features an open-wrap design that is easy to put on and wear for long periods of time.

Don’t forget, Aeroflow Healthcare offers a variety of other mobility items such as our power wheelchairs and scooters, items for bathroom assistance and safety, canes and walkers, hospital beds and ramps all designed with improved movement in mind. Think about your loved ones who have difficulty living they way they want to live, and consider improving their lives with a mobility device from Aeroflow Healthcare. The happiness you create will last long into the future.

If you or a loved one may be interested in receiving a mobility assistive device, please fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form or call a Patient Care Representative at 844-686-5539.

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“Aeroflow was wonderful when it came to helping us with our wheelchairs and lift-even showed us how to use the lift. We were very thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable service.”
“I was looking for a power wheelchair for my wife. Aeroflow had a great selection and they were very kind and helpful on the phone. Great people to do business with!”
“I recently bought a Go-GoPower Scooter from Aeroflow and couldn't be happier with its mobility and compact design. The chair is amazing and goes anywhere I want. It was a great experience!”
“My doc referred me to Aeroflow when I needed a sleep test, and I went back when I needed a wheelchair. The service was exceptional! Aeroflow really cares about their customers.”