How to Get Dressed While Wearing a Back Brace

You already have a tough time choosing an outfit in the morning, and now with your new back brace, you have no idea what to wear! But before you give up and stay in your pajamas all day, check out some of the handy tips below for how to get dressed while wearing a back brace.

Ditch Skintight Clothes

There’s really no point in sugarcoating it because a brace will add a certain amount of bulk, so you’re going to want to avoid clothing that emphasizes velcro straps or padding. Yes, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and leggings may be in style, but they’re not the right choice if you’re wearing a back brace. Depending on the type of brace you have, you may need to alter your usual style so that your top and bottoms are able to accommodate the brace.

Some great clothing options that will accommodate your brace include:

•    Full Skirts & Tiered Skirts
•    Bootleg & Wide-Leg Pants
•    A-Line Dresses
•    Empire Waist Tops and Dresses
•    Cargo Pants & Bermuda Shorts

The above-mentioned clothing options all have some extra fabric that does a good job at masking your brace. At the same time, if you just can’t imagine giving up your skinny jeans, consider pairing them with a long flowing top like a peasant blouse. Also, adding a smart blazer or tailored jacket to an outfit can do an excellent job at downplaying your brace, while also giving you a look that is stylish and professional.

Add a Bit of Stylish Distraction

Although wearing loose clothing can hide a certain amount of lumps and bumps from a back brace, you may also want to accessorize with some bright and colorful accouterments to draw the eye away from your brace.

Some accessorizing options include:

•    Jewelry: A colorful chunky necklace or a bright ribbon can draw the eye away from a brace.
•    Hair: Wearing your hair down can hide a brace or pile up on your head can draw attention to your face.
•    Darker Colors: Darker colors and patterns do a great job of disguising lumpiness.

Don’t Forget About Underneath Your Brace!

It’s important to remember that while being stylish is great, it’s also essential that you’re comfortable while wearing your back brace. To avoid the rubbing and chaffing that can result from your brace coming into contact with your skin, consider wearing a tank top under your brace.

The best tank tops for wearing under your brace are seamless and have flaps in the armpits. You want to ensure that the material under the armpits rises high enough to protect your skin and that the top is long enough so that it extends below the bottom of the brace.

What you need to remember is that wearing a back brace doesn’t have to result in a fashion faux pas! Try out some of these tips that will allow you to remain comfortable and stylish while wearing your back brace.

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