fun things to do with baby

Fun Things To Do With Baby

Being a new mother is one of the most amazing experiences in the world but sometimes being at home all day with a newborn can get a bit monotonous.  I felt like my routine was feed baby, change diaper, put baby down for nap, then start all over again.  My 4 months of maternity leave was a wonderful time to bond with my son and spend as much time together as possible but some days I found myself hitting the afternoon hours still in my pajamas and not quite feeling like myself because I had not gotten out of the house.  Here are a few fun things to do with baby that will get you out and about without breaking the bank.

  1. Go to the park

Take a picnic and blanket to the local park.  This is a great opportunity to let baby feel the grass and leaves, and watch dogs, birds and squirrels in the park.  The fresh air and sunshine will be refreshing for both mom and baby.

  1. Join or start a play group

Even if your newborn is too young for social interaction with other babies it does not mean it’s too soon to join a playgroup.  The group with introduce baby to social stimuli which is good for development but at this early age the play group can be most valuable to mom.  Getting out of the house and having the opportunity to meet other moms who are at the same stage of life allows mom someone to talk to who has similar concerns and experiences.  The play group will allow moms who may feel a sense of isolation to bond with other moms who are also at home with baby and become each other’s support group.

  1. Head to the bookstore

It’s never too early to begin reading to baby and start nurturing their love for books.   Visit your local bookstore and explore the children’s section.  Find colorful books with bold shapes and read to baby, even if baby won’t understand what you are reading, they will be intrigued by mom’s voice.  By starting this tradition early, reading and visiting the bookstore will something your child will look forward to for years to come.

I hope these fun things to do with baby will give new moms creative and inexpensive ideas of ways to interact with baby and create memorable moments for years to come.

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