Discovery Back Braces

Full Back vs. Low-Profile Back Braces

Does your back hurt? Does it really hurt? Are you tired of backing down from the pain? Wish you could feel back to your old self? Do you wish you could travel back in time to where you weren’t subjected to this back-stabbing pain? Maybe you can take yourself to this happy place by listening to a classical concierto by Johann Sebastian Bach?

Ok, I will admit that one was a rather weak pun, but you see what I mean. However, in all honesty, if you are tired of back pain then perhaps you should brace yourself for this spine tingling news. Pun intended.

Delco braces for pain management

When it comes to back support, Delco back braces offer a full range of support to meet your exact needs.

Delco has a full array of products that offer full back, upper back, and lower back support. For lower back pain, we recommend the Discovery DS-10. It sits comfortably and has a pulley system with pull tabs to adjust your comfort level.  Another feature to the DS 10 is that if you do end up experiencing upper back pain, it also has a converter where it can give you upper back support as well. It is truly a two in one support system.

Full back support

For full back support on a regular basis, the Discovery DS-8 is a revolutionary design. There are two main sizes with the DS-8 and within those two sizes you can adjust it to fit anyone’s needs. Though it is a full back brace, it is designed for optimum comfort. The DS-8 was made with lightweight, moisture-wicking material and has many breathable zones to ensure comfort.

If you are looking for a back brace, Aeroflow has many options that we can offer to help relieve your pain and get you on the court in no time! Also, you may be able to qualify through insurance and receive your back brace at little to no charge.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help. You can reach us toll-free at 888-627-2159.

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