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Do You Need The AffloVest For Quiet Repository Compliance?

In some cases, the noises made by medical devices are too loud. While it’s important that some items have loud alarms to alert caregivers in the event of an emergency, everyday devices such as CPAP machines or high-frequency chest wall frequency oscillation vests can be bothersome. AffloVest decided to put an end to this issue by creating the quietest vest on the market.

When the whirs of the motors or insistent beeping bother spouses or their family members, their rate of compliance may decrease due to consideration of the device to be annoying. Failure to use devices as properly described can lead to health failure.

The Incredibly Quiet AffloVest

An independent study, sponsored by International Biophysics, found that the AffloVest is by far the quietest vest, by operating at 61.4 dBA at its loudest point. This study was conducted offsite at an accredited testing laboratory.

AffloVest independent study shows the AffloVest as the quietest option

With each 10 decibel increase, the loudness of perceived noise is doubled. Meaning that the slight increase between 60 dB and 70 dB makes a device twice as loud. Going from 60 dB to 80 dB can quadruple the loudness.

Also, it’s important to note that long-term exposure to 80 to 90 dB may cause hearing loss with long-term exposure. Anything above 85 dB may require hearing protection during use, according to OSHA.

AffloVest Features

If you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, chronic asthma, bronchiectasis, or other respiratory diseases, then the use of an AffloVest should be strongly considered for airway clearance.

Along with being the quietest high-frequency chest wall frequency oscillation vest, it’s extremely mobile. The rechargeable battery fits easily in one of the vest pockets and will last for six sessions on a single charge. 

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Traditional airway clearance therapy involves maintaining a certain posture or breathing techniques to be effective. Plus, manual chest physiotherapy involves the use of a caregiver or respiratory therapist. They can’t be performed independently. However, the AffloVest allows patients to maintain their independence and age in place by adhering to treatments on their own. There is no need for assistance from a caregiver or special techniques. Simply slip the mobile vest on, turn the vest on, and go about your day.

This vest contains 8 oscillators that are specifically designed to mimic manual CPT to help loosen and mobilize secretions without the use of bulky generators or hoses. This allows users to maintain full mobility during treatment.

By having 8 individual pressure waveforms the motors are able to target individual areas of the lungs to provide disruption and mobilize secretions. The ease’s your body’s task of removing harmful excess secretions.

AffloVest Sizing:

The AffloVest comes in a variety of sizes to fit both children and adults comfortably and efficiently. Browse sizes XXS – XXL the find a secure fit that doesn’t hurt. You should be able to breathe deeply in the vest.

To find the correct size measure the bust of your chest by wrapping measuring tape around the widest part. Make sure the tape is taught, but not too tight. Then measure the largest part of your abdomen. Refer to the larger size.

The AffloVest sizing chart helps users find the perfect fit

AffloVest Benefits:

  • Lightweight 
  • Battery Powered/rechargeable 
  • Fully mobile
  • 8 individual pressure waveforms
  • Easy to use
  • 3 oscillation treatment modes
  • Quiet during operation
  • 3 adjustable intensity levels

AffloVest Through Insurance

If you’re worried about the AffloVest cost, go ahead and take a sigh of relief now, because it may be covered through insurance. Wait? What’s relieving about the word insurance? We understand that contacting your provider can be a hassle, that’s why we do all of the work for you.

Simply fill out our qualification form, and we will contact your doctor and insurance provider to confirm all the required information to have your AffloVest is shipped directly to your front door.  

Qualify for an AffloVest through insurance now!

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