DME Mergers and Acquisitions provide profitable solutions

Learn About Our Innovative DME Mergers And Acquisitions Solutions

As healthcare continues to evolve with new reforms being regularly implemented, creating a highly competitive environment, your company does not have to struggle to compete. We are looking to create value and long-term solutions by acquiring businesses, acquiring individual lines of business, and by creating an array of partnership opportunities to support the continued growth of your company.

We are excited to partner with other durable medical equipment (DME) providers and medical suppliers who are looking to exit the healthcare market.

We Ensure A Smooth DME Integration For No Lapse In Coverage

Our Corporate Development Team coordinates and structures business opportunities that are mutually beneficial for you, your business, and most importantly your patients. We provide competitive valuations, flexible capital structuring, and we close in a timely and efficient manner to make sure business stays on track and your patients do not experience any lapse in coverage. 

As a successful DME we can provide support to other medical suppliers

With any merger or acquisition, we understand that integration can be a bit of a challenge, that is why our team has developed a series of processes to ensure a smooth transition for every party involved.

Our goal is to keep your business alive and growing. That being said, if the market becomes increasingly difficult to maintain your position in the market, your loyal patients and staff do not have to suffer.

We value the business that you have built and will use our unique resources to support the ongoing care of your customers to ensure order fulfillment while providing the liquidity and legacy that you have always dreamed of. To protect that legacy, it is imperative to keep your team and technology to ensure a smooth transition for every party involved.  

With an effective training program put in place for our workforce and your team, we will be able to efficiently integrate together to make sure current patients are cared for while and your staff retains their career goals.

Your Patients Will Be In Good Hands

To maintain our position as the industry-leading healthcare provider, we put our focus on corporate development. In 2017, our Corporate Development team helped acquired 12 companies and has plans to build off of that and expand merger and acquisitions activity even further. 

Our number one concern as a DME provider is patient care

We are proud to have become a proven and valuable solution for companies looking to better their business. Over the coming year, we are looking to expand even further as we expect to increase sales by $5M or more through mergers and acquisition activity alone.

By implementing our three Cs, to focus on customers, co-workers, and community, we are able to strategically and confidently make the proper decisions regarding worker and patient care. We have an exceptional team that works together to overcome obstacles and provide extraordinary aid for patients.

As the premier, DME Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurer accredited, we are committed to improving the quality of life for each patient through compassion, excellent service, and exceptional products. Learn more about us or to inquire about corporate development opportunities.

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