Dangers of Purchasing a Used Wheelchair

Dangers of Purchasing a Used Wheelchair

by Logan Hickey

You’re in need of a wheelchair and thinking about purchasing a used one? First, you should be fully aware of the risks and dangers involved in making such a decision. Here are four factors you will want to consider before determining if a used wheelchair that is right for you.

No Warranty
Yes, it’s true, when purchasing a used wheelchair, you are given no warranty or guarantee of longevity. Whether the wheelchair was originally purchased in the last few years or is 15 years old, you will not be given a warranty. You basically must keep your fingers crossed that the wheelchair is durable and will last many years. This is a huge risk to take.

Hidden Defects
With no warranty given, you run the risk of hidden defects or broken internal parts. This can be extremely dangerous as if there are hidden defects, you could suffer severe injuries. For example, for a non-power wheelchair, a lose screw could lead to a broken leg of the wheelchair. If it does, you will not be given a warning. This could lead to potentially debilitating injuries. For a power wheelchair, the outside of the motor housing could be covered with dirt and grease. This means that the wheelchair has not been properly maintained, meaning the wheelchair may be close to shutdown. Unless you are an expert with these wheelchairs, you may not be able to recognize these hidden defects or damages. Ultimately, your used wheelchair may not turn out to be all that you are expecting.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Having detailed the risks of defects and damages associated with used wheelchairs, it is now important to examine the potential costs of maintaining them. After all, the likely reason you would want to buy a used wheelchair is to save money. The truth, however, is that you will likely spend more in maintenance and repair costs than you would in buying a new one. With no warranty, you will not be covered for any repairs no matter the size of the repair. This could lead to soaring expenses, and ultimately could cost you much more than the price of a new wheelchair.

Specialized Equipment
Most importantly, you want to remember that wheelchairs are specialized pieces of equipment. Your doctor will recommend the right wheelchair for you. Wheelchairs are meant to be personalized to meet your specific needs. Since you will be continually using it, you need to have a wheelchair that best fits your needs and was ordered with your specific needs in mind. When purchasing a used wheelchair, these features are up in the air. You run the risk of buying a product that is not right for you.

Having reviewed the dangers to consider when determining if a used wheelchair is right for you, you are now prepared to make an informed decision. Remember, there is a reason that the previous owner is likely upgrading to new equipment. Used wheelchairs are often second rate, can be filled with defects and can become money pits. So, no matter what you decide, make the decision that makes you most comfortable, literally.

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