Comfort Touch Cushions Offer Sweet Relief

comfort touch cushions

Are you suffering from lower back pain or sciatica? Do you have trouble with poor circulation? No matter where your pain is targeted, the new Comfort Touch line of cushions from Drive might be the perfect remedy for your pain.

The Comfort Touch cushions are designed for therapy and comfort with an ergonomic design, high-quality foam paddings and a soft exterior to accompany you throughout the day. Each cushion is designed for a specific type of therapeutic relief to provide the specific care you’re looking for.

Comfort Touch Knee Support Cushion

The Comfort Touch Knee Support Cushion is a great option for people who suffer from poor circulation or back pain. The cushion alleviates discomfort for side sleepers by providing knee support through lightweight memory foam and an adjustable safety strap that helps secure the cushion to your ideal comfort level. The knee cushion promotes alignment of the spine, knees and hips during the night, and its soft velour cover offers a luxurious feel. So much better than a regular pillow!

Comfort Touch Cooling Sensation Seat Cushion

Do you experience discomfort sitting at your office? The problem might be your chair! The Comfort Touch Cooling Sensation Seat Cushion combines high-density foam with a cooling gel layer to provide comfort no matter where you are. The cushion is super portable, so you can use it on any seating surface, including home or office chairs, wheelchairs, benches, stadium seating, and more!

Worried about keeping your cushion clean? This cushion features a machine washable stretch cotton blend cover so you can keep it clean and fresh. It’s low shear, water resistant, and has a non-skid bottom. Simply toss the cover in the wash and your cushion will feel clean as new!

Comfort Touch Elevation Bed Wedge

The Comfort Touch Elevation Bed Wedge is a really great support option for those who seek relief from snoring or need an elevated surface to help them breathe. The wedge is 10” tall and has an inch of memory foam that conforms to the head. It’s designed to relieve symptoms from acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) by providing a supportive elevated pillow.

The wedge can also be used upright to provide lumbar support while sitting upright. The soft velour cover is also machine washable.

Comfort Touch Heated Lumbar Support Cushion

The Comfort Touch Heated Lumbar Support cushion provides heated therapy to areas of pain in the lower back. This cushion is ideal if you suffer from chronic back pain or muscle tension. It’s ergonomically designed to aid in supporting the lower back and helps with posture. You can use the cushion anywhere a power source is available, so it can travel with you to work, home, and beyond!

The heated cushion has a soft velour cover for added comfort, which is machine washable as well.

Find the support you need

If you are suffering from muscle pain, knee pain, back pain, or acid reflux, a support pillow can have a huge impact on your comfort. Comfort Touch cushions provide the comfort and support you’ve been looking for at a low cost. If you have questions about which cushion is best for your needs, reach out to us anytime, we’re happy to help!

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