Choosing the Right Lift for Your Power Wheelchair

When a power wheelchair has become part of a person’s life, the ability to transport this power chair is vital for maintaining independence. With that said, it is important to know your options when choosing the right lift for you, your wheelchair, and your vehicle. Lifts are available based on the weight of the power chair, the ability of the driver to operate the lift, and the type of vehicle that will support it. All of these things need to be considered when purchasing a lift for your power wheelchair.

There are several different kinds of lifts- manual on the outside of the vehicle, electric also on the outside of the vehicle, and those that are inside the vehicle. Aeroflow Direct, from Aeroflow Healthcare, offers a variety of lifts to accommodate many vehicle types and personal preferences. Click on any of the product titles you are interested in and get the lift’s specifications, including whether or not the lift comes with a warranty.

For most people, they are not in the market for a new vehicle that comes equipped with a lift, so your options are a little different when choosing a lift for your power wheelchair. For example, if you drive a small, fuel-efficient car, you will probably not choose a lift that brings your power chair inside your vehicle because there is simply not enough room. In this case, you will want a lift that is compact, and you have a choice whether you will use a manual lift or one that is powered. Aeroflow offers a popular model of lift such as the Outlander TM Exterior Lift. This lift requires little or no modification to a small vehicle.

If you drive a minivan, or you are going to purchase a vehicle that can be equipped with an internal power chair lift, you may consider the Backpacker Plus Interior Platform Lift. This lift features a pre-assembled single piece platform that you can drive your scooter or power chair on or off from either direction and can lift up to 350 pounds.

Aeroflow Healthcare has offered power chairs and lifts for years and has helped patients customize their mobility experience to their needs. With a knowledgeable staff, we can help patients qualify through their health insurance either online or by phone for a lift for your power wheelchair. Our mobility representatives will guide you through the automotive lift process, just as they do with power chairs, scooters, and manual wheelchairs. Don’t forget to check out Aeroflow Direct to see the products we offer! Please call us at 888-380-0820 to speak with one of our mobility specialist today!

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