Choosing a Power Wheelchair That Best Fits Your Lifestyle

Choosing a power wheelchair that best fits your lifestyle can be a challenge. Working closely with your primary care physician and an occupational therapist is a good idea when deciding what power wheelchair is best for your mobility needs. The tendency will be to only pursue a chair that grabs your attention. You’ve seen a few of your friends or neighbors with one and like how it looks.

While you do want to choose something that looks great, there are a few other important specifications which must be considered when choosing a power wheelchair that best fits your lifestyle.  If a regular sized power wheelchair is deemed medically necessary for your use, making sure it’s the right fit will certainly be of importance because both comfort and efficiency are extremely important when it comes to your power mobility device.

Getting the correct seat height, width and depth are crucial and will largely decide if the individual will be able to complete mobility related activities of daily living (ADLs). Making sure the chair is wide enough is probably the most important measuring to consider when choosing a power wheelchair that best fits your lifestyle. Seat depth is the second most important measurement to obtain when someone is being fitted for a power wheelchair. The correct seat height important for adequately functionality during mobility related activities.

Other considerations when choosing a power wheelchair that best fits your lifestyle include posture, strength, sensation, visual acuity and perception, and the ability to learn how to use the chair safely.

Power wheelchairs are available in folding chairs, center-wheel drive chairs, heavy-duty chairs, travel chairs and custom chairs. Each chair is designed for specific mobility limitations and user characteristics; however, regardless of the type of power wheelchair you get, they are more compatible for in-home use than power scooters because of their easy maneuverability in tight spaces.  Power wheelchairs have a shorter turning radius than power scooters making them ideal for in-home use.  Just don’t forget that doorways and thresholds must be able to accommodate room transitions!

Choosing a power wheelchair that best fits your lifestyle does not have to be a confusing process.  If you are ready to qualify for a power wheelchair, fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form and an Aeroflow Mobility Specialists will assist you in the process.  Or, for immediate assistance give us a call at 888-345-1780.  Let us help you regain your independence; we look forward to hearing from you!

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