Traveling With Oxygen is easy

How To Make Traveling With Oxygen Easy

Oxygen therapy allows patients to maintain their independence with the ability to to be treated in their homes and stick with their normal daily routine. Those who only use supplemental oxygen while sleeping may have it a little easier, than those who use it all the time, but your activities don’t have to be limited [Read More….]

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You need a nebulizer for allergies and asthma

How A Nebulizer For Allergies And Asthma Will Help

Dust, pet dander, pollen, and smoke. Each of these words can strike fear in the hearts of those who suffer from seasonal allergies, depending on what season it is. However, allergies aren’t only for adults to worry about. They can affect your children as well. If you find them coughing or wheezing as the seasons [Read More….]

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Woman enjoys day out with oxygen therapy

How Oxygen Therapy Makes The Difference

Oxygen therapy or supplemental oxygen assists with a variety of conditions to help improve your quality of life with a multitude of health benefits. It’s often avoided due to a few misconceptions. For example, some feel as if oxygen therapy may be cumbersome when in reality, there are lightweight portable options for home care. Also, [Read More….]

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Woman uses nebulizer for asthma relief

How Do Nebulizers Work?

For many people, difficulty with breathing can be a source of frequent anxiety. This anxiety only increases when it’s their child experiencing difficulty breathing. Due to factors beyond their control, it is not uncommon to need and administer some type of treatment or preventative measure on a daily basis. One of the most ever-present and [Read More….]

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Troubleshooting Nebulizers

For adult and pediatric patients alike with certain medical conditions such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis, a nebulizer can be one of the essential pieces of medical equipment in day-to-day life. When these machines experience technical difficulties or do not operate properly, patients can experience dramatic drop-offs in quality of life, and sometimes even life-threatening [Read More….]

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What is COPD?

COPD Symptoms And Causes You Need To Know

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can be a tough diagnosis to swallow. From remembering the acronym to simply trying to catch your breath, it can be overwhelming at first. What started as a simple cough now makes it difficult to breathe. Many questions will arise, such as what exactly does having this disease mean [Read More….]

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How Often To Replace Nebulizer Parts

It’s important that as a nebulizer owner and user you perform some basic maintenance and cleaning to keep the medical device in working order.  But often times the replacement of nebulizer parts is needed to provide optimum functionality, and therefore the best possible treatment. Here are a few tips for best equipment upkeep and sanitation, [Read More….]

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Child hapilly uses nebulizer equpment

How To Recieve Nebulizer Equipment Through Insurance

For the most part, nebulizer equipment, including home and portable models, parts, and resupply items are covered by insurance and Medicare. However, your insurance provider will require you to get your equipment through a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier, like Aeroflow Healthcare. Generally, they will provide you with easy instructions to make the process quick [Read More….]

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Navigating your private insurance deductible

Navigating Your Private Insurance Deductible

Navigating the complex matters of insurance policies, premiums, copays, and especially deductibles, can be yet another added stress for people already dealing with stressful medical conditions. Though having insurance is essential, it can be confusing. While insurance deductibles are an unfortunate barrier to reaping the full benefit of your insurance plan, some careful management of [Read More….]

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Woman conveniently uses her AffloVest in the kitchen

Do You Need The AffloVest For Quiet Repository Compliance?

In some cases, the noises made by medical devices are too loud. While it’s important that some items have loud alarms to alert caregivers in the event of an emergency, everyday devices such as CPAP machines or high-frequency chest wall frequency oscillation vests can be bothersome. AffloVest decided to put an end to this issue [Read More….]

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