Cheyanne The Hospital Princess Shares Her Epic Battles

Cheyanne documents her life with chronic illnesses like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Disease, a rare muscle disorder, and digestive tract paralysis. Her mission is to use her experience to provide a source of awareness, support, and fun for others facing chronic illnesses. Cheyanne The Hospital Princess The incessant beeping from IV pumps echoed throughout [Read More….]

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Ultimate Low Back Pain And Incontinence Solutions

Back is already frustrating enough. The tweaks, aches, and pains can be pretty demotivating and distracting as is, but what happens when you throw incontinence into the mix? Well then along with pain you may also experience urinary accidents! See exactly what contributes to low back pain and incontinence to make managing these symptoms easy. [Read More….]

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Working mom needs to breast feed

The Undeniable Benefits Of Supporting Working Moms

Women are taking the workforce by storm and make up nearly 47% of all workers as they expand into more unconventional roles. 70% of those women are working moms that often struggle to maintain both their career and breastfeeding goals, due to the stigmas attached to mothers in the workplace. However, employers can relieve that [Read More….]

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Man uses Penis Pump for a better sex life

Debunking Common Myths About Penis Pumps

When it comes to erectile dysfunction and Penis Pumps, there’s no shortage of myths, jokes, and second-hand stories, usually at the detriment of the user. Unlike many other forms of sexual health products, Penis Pumps are regarded as a taboo topic. Basically, you won’t be seeing any commercials for them during primetime (despite the alarming number [Read More….]

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Clean your CPAP to avoid getting sick

How To Clean Your CPAP Supplies Properly

CPAP cleaning is an important part of proper sleep apnea treatment because cleaning your CPAP helps it continue operating at peak performance. This is necessary for your body to receive the oxygen needed for proper rest and can help you get sick less often. So, let’s check out why, when, and how to clean your [Read More….]

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Compression stockings are needed for lymphedema treatment

Kathy Bates Testifies For Improved Lymphedema Treatment

Exciting news Lymphies! Kathy Bates is advocating for you as the spokesperson for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN) in order to have more lymphedema research performed and to gain more insurance coverage for treatment and equipment. Kathy Bates Testifies For Improved Lymphedema Treatment Kathy Bates and an army of strong, dedicated activists made [Read More….]

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you need an inhaler spacer for asthma

You Need An Inhaler Spacer To Breathe Better

If your child suffers from asthma, COPD, allergies, chronic bronchitis, and more, then they may have a nebulizer or an inhaler to help treat their symptoms. However, when they’re away from their nebulizer and an asthma attack occurs, an inhaler spacer can make a major difference for properly getting medication to dissipate into the lungs [Read More….]

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Jennifer Jordan will speak at the family forward NC summit

Jennifer Jordan Will Speak At The Family Forward NC Summit

We’re proud to announce that Aeroflow Breastpumps’ very own Jennifer Jordan will be participating in the Family Forward NC Summit to discuss family-forward business practices in order to promote supporting working moms. Don’t Miss Jennifer Jordan Speak At The Family Forward NC Summit! The Family Forward NC Summit is taking place in order to help [Read More….]

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The Complete CPAP Buyer's Guide.

CPAP Buyer’s Guide

How Do We Breathe? When we breathe, respiratory muscles contract to expand the chest cavity. This expansion creates slightly negative pressure relative to ambient pressure. Fresh air fills the negative pressure in our lungs. To exhale, the muscles relax and air comes out of our lung. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when soft tissues block the airway [Read More….]

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National Sleep Awareness Week 2019

You Need Sleep Awareness Week For Better Rest

Catch some Zzz’s y’all. It’s Sleep Awareness Week, 2019! From March 10th to 16th it’s time to focus on the importance of getting good sleep for better health, well-being, and safety. This year’s theme is “Begin With Sleep”. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #YourDayBeginsWithSleep when you celebrate all week long! Sleep Awareness Week Sleep [Read More….]

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