4 most common sleep disorders

Can you die from Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is sleeping disorder that affects millions of Americans. Breathing during sleep is either stopped because the brain fails to signal to the body to breathe or some type blockage or apnea (usually relaxed muscle tissue) occurs. It is so common in fact, that many individuals ignore the most obvious symptoms, which occur, such as: snoring, fatigue, inability to concentrate and also insomnia. Ignoring these symptoms often can and do lead to more serious problems such as:

  • snoring
  • fatigue
  • inability to concentrate
  • insomnia

Ignoring these symptoms often can and do lead to more serious problems such as:

  • heart disease & high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • extreme fluctuations in weight
  • chronic fatigue
  • diabetes

This list is not exhaustive but should demonstrate the severity of ignoring the possibility that sleep apnea could be an issue.

Sleep apnea is recognized by apneas or blockages that occur during sleep. These apneas are responsible for a significant decrease in the blood oxygen level in an individual’s body. When an apnea occurs or when the brain does not signal to the body to breathe nocturnal ischemias are also present. An ischemia signifies a deficiency of blood being supplied to a particular area of the body caused by an obstruction of the inflow of arterial blood.

The heart is a fairly strong muscle that can pump blood even if arteries are partially constricted. However, if you add sleep apnea to the mix not only does a deficiency of blood flow occur but also the amount of oxygen present in that blood. The two most important areas where you do not want this to occur are the heart and brain. The reason why is because the more stress that occurs the more likely you are to experience the more serious symptoms associated with sleep apnea including: hypertension, heart attacks or heart disease and stroke. These conditions continue to build upon the other and often lead to death if not treated.

If you treat sleep apnea you great increase your health and diminish the likelihood of your current condition becoming worse. Talk to your doctor today about how you can be tested for sleep apnea. You can also contact us for more information concerning your sleep apnea supplies.

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