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Brand Feature: Pride Mobility

When looking for a power chair to purchase you’ll find there are several options. However, you’ll figure out that you can’t directly purchase your chair from the manufacturer. You must go through a supplier (PS…that’s us!). Most suppliers get their chairs from one or two suppliers. In our case, we have two; Pride Mobility and Drive Medical. For now, let’s focus on Pride; however, make sure to check in later for a feature on Drive.

Pride Mobility Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobility products including power chairs, scooters, lift chairs, lifts and ramps. While Pride is headquartered in Exeter, PA, they have locations worldwide. The company’s vast experience has allowed its engineers to create, test and implement industry leading mobility technology. Known primarily for its Jazzy Power Chair, Pride has taken advantage of 30 years of mobility manufacturing experience to create an unrivaled selection of power chairs. From the standard Elites ES to the sophisticated Select 6, all of Pride’s chairs are backed by warranties on their frames and electronics.

Pride was founded in Pennsylvania in 1986 with a customer-first focus. Known for their emphasis on community service, their philanthropy efforts have been recognized by United Way, and other leading organizations. Pride understands that mobility products empower people. This understanding has led to the development of industry leading technology, like mid-wheel drive motors and synergy cushions. Pride’s goal to help people “Live One’s Best!” is apparent in their consumer-focused products. From the first Jazzy Power Chair in 1996, image below, to their modern Jazzy, Pride has always placed their customers’ needs first.

While Pride’s products are known for their industry-leading technology, they are also known for their great style. Of course you need a power chair that allows you to complete all of your daily activities, but why not have something that looks amazing too? If you don’t believe me, please compare the Jazzy Chairs to other industry-leading chairs like Hoveround and tell me the Jazzy doesn’t blow them away? I thought so.

Overall, there are multiple mobility product manufacturers out there; however, Pride is one of the best. Their dedication to their customers and their community are second to none and their innovative products wrap them up as the perfect package.

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