Best Travel Oxygen Concentrator Styles

Best Travel Oxygen Concentrator Styles

Being told by your doctor that you will be on oxygen for the rest of your life or that you have to oxygen at all may make some people feel as if life is over. And while it is true that things you’ve done in the past may have to change, that does not mean you cannot enjoy life.  You, your family member(s) and or caregiver will be able to enjoy any traveling you do when you have a portable oxygen concentrator (POC).  If you have an active lifestyle, a concentrator will allow you to enjoy yourself and your family. There are no extra cylinders to worry about. You also do not need to worry about refills. It’s easy to power, which means oxygen will always be readily available, and you do not need to worry about running out.

However, since portable oxygen concentrators are expensive, it’s best to speak with both your doctor and your insurance provider for recommendations on which brand you should consider. You will need to take into account things such as your individual oxygen requirements, the amount of air/pulse flow needed, whether you will need a continuous flow concentrator, air travel, and even warranties. For instance, if you do in fact want to fly with your unit, you must make sure it is FAA approved. You will need to have double the amount of batteries on hand when flying plus one extra.

Also, you will want to consider how much and how the oxygen is delivered to you when purchasing a portable concentrator. For instance, for patients requiring oxygen in pulse mode  (where oxygen is delivered in puffs or bursts instead of continuously) the Respironics EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a good brand to consider.

For brands of portable oxygen concentrators that provide a continuous flow, consider the following choices:

  • Oxlife
  • Devilbliss IGO
  • Sequal Eclipse
  • Invacare SOLO2

Brands that provide both continuous flow and pulse oxygen:

  • Respironics SimpleGo

Smaller and lighter POC brands include:

  • Lifechoice
  • Drive Oxus Reliability
  • Precision EasyPulse
  • Inogen One G2

When choosing which POC device will work best, pay attention to your individual needs. Also, make sure your primary care physician or respiratory specialist is consulted before making any purchase. And remember, Aeroflow’s patient care representatives are standing by to assist you in determining for your oxygen needs.

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