Best Back Braces for Lower Back Pain

There are many different types of back pain, but perhaps the most common is lower back or lumbar pain. Pain symptoms usually start midway down your spine and extend to the sacrum. Your lumbar area supports the brunt of your weight and is more susceptible to pain than other areas, so if you are experiencing lower back pain it may be time to consider a back brace to manage pain.

Braces for Lower Back Pain

Just as there are many types of back pain, there are also various types of back braces designed to target specific areas of your back. For targeting lower back pain, a lumbar support brace is your best option. A lumbar support brace can be as simple as a wraparound stability band to control unwanted movement of your torso. There are also lumbar support braces that come with hard plastic inserts that can be placed in the back of the brace to enhance stability. These inserts can come at different heights to reach your mid back which can provide extra support. They are most often utilized for recovery from surgery or injury to your back. However, if your pain is severe you may want to speak with your doctor about a more advanced back brace.

Find the Right Brace

You can visit Aeroflow Bracing to see our selection of back braces. Aeroflow’s most popular back brace for lower back pain is the Delco Discovery 12x TLSO. This brace offers an adjustable posterior support, adjustable shoulder straps and an abdominal compression system to help reduce daily pain.

To obtain a back brace through your insurance and put a stop to your lower back pain, start by scheduling an appointment to speak with your health care provider about your back brace options. For insurance to provide payment of your back brace you doctor must agree that it is medically necessary and write a prescription. Once you have obtained your prescription simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and let Aeroflow Healthcare take care of the rest. Should you have any questions regarding your lower back pain or appropriate back braces, feel free to give us a call at 888-627-2159.


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