Best Back Brace for a Herniated Disc

If you’ve ever experienced a herniated disc before then you know what it feels like to experience shooting pains throughout your body, making it nearly impossible to exercise, work, and enjoy daily life. And although you know rest and relaxation are an important part of the healing process, did you also know that a back brace can help heal your herniated disc?

What is a Herniated Disc?

In a nutshell, a herniated disc occurs when some of the material inside of your lumbar disc slips through a crack in the tough exterior that surrounds the disc. And although you may be prone to panic when you discover you have a slipped disc, try to remain calm. A herniated disc is hardly fatal and is one of the most common causes of neck, back, and leg pain.

How Do I Know If I Have a Herniated Disc?

Knowing if you have a herniated disc may not be as obvious as you think. In fact, you could be walking around completely unaware that the cause of your mild twinges or foot tinglings are due to the fact that one or more of your lumbar discs have sprung a leak!

Common Herniated Disc Symptoms:

•    Intense pain in the buttocks, thighs, calves, arms, and legs
•    Pain in your extremities after coughing or sneezing
•    Numbness or tingling
•    Muscle weakness
•    Loss of bladder control

How to Heal a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc can sound pretty serious. What can you do help yourself heal and prevent damaging your back even further? In a small number of cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the protruding parts of the disc or even the entire disc itself. Most of the time committing to a bit of rest and relaxation should do the job.

Suggested Herniated Disc Recovery:

•    Rest: Avoid contact sports and labor-intensive jobs to prevent additional injury.
•    Soothe: Use heat or ice to reduce inflammation and soothe sore tissues. At the same time, consider anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and pain.
•    Treat: Work with a physiotherapist to get started on an exercise routine designed for those suffering from a herniated disc. You could also consider an ultrasound, cortisone injections or electrical stimulation to further increase the rate at which you heal.
•    Support: Wearing a back brace designed to support a herniated disc, can help rest the back, reduce inflammation, and increase the rate at which your back heals. The Delco 9 Discovery is excellent because it relieves pressure on your discs, giving them a chance to heal.

The bottom line is you don’t need to panic if you discover you have a herniated disc. With a bit of rest and additional supportive therapies, including a back brace, you can help your body heal so that you’ll feel better in no time.


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