Benefits of Low Air Loss Mattresses for Wound Care

Benefits of Low Air Loss Mattresses for Wound Therapy

One of the most promising fields of innovation in medical technology in recent years has been that of wound therapy. Where chronic and severe wounds were once unmanageable and could place long-term drains on patient quality of life, they are increasingly becoming able to be managed in the home.

With patients experiencing severe or chronic wounds, one of the most exciting types of treatment is that of low air loss mattresses. By utilizing low air loss mattresses for wound therapy, patients can see dramatically decreased recovery times and rates of complications, decreasing the time that it can take to return to their normal routines.

Moisture Control to Encourage Healing

Low air loss mattresses use a blower pump to remove excess moisture, while at the same time immersing the patient in the mattress. This treatment is primarily concerned with moisture control, a crucial component of managing severe and chronic wounds. As the patient lays on the mattress, moisture is dissipated between the mattress and the cover. Low air loss mattresses are constructed from a special fabric which is permeable to vapor. The moisture from the patient transfers through this fabric cover to interact with the air blowing up from the mattress. By utilizing this barrier, the patient can be cool and dry without having direct air blown onto their skin.

Promoting Blood Flood for Faster Healing

Aside from regulating and managing moisture levels, there is another primary aim of low air loss mattresses for wound therapy. Perhaps even more important than the management of moisture, these mattresses immerse the patient into the surface to a much higher degree than a conventional bed.

Low air loss mattresses promote blood flow to the wounded area by carefully regulating pressure levels. Because blood flow is the most important factor in determining healing timeframe, this can be enormously beneficial when patients are looking to see rapid healing.

When used in concert with a wound pump or vacuum in order to manage fluid levels at the affected site, patients can see not only quicker healing time, but dramatically decreased rates of infection and complications. By decreasing the odds of return visits to hospitals and specialists, this can save both patients and their providers a great deal of money on the whole.

Advanced Wound Therapy Technology

Suffering traumatic and chronic wounds and injuries is always a life-changing event, but it does not have to be so on a permanent or even long-term basis. With advances in wound therapy technology, patients are recovering quicker and quicker and able to return to work and recreational activities that would have been out of the question just a few years ago.

If you or someone you know has suffered a chronic or severe wound or injury, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today. We can provide a full range of wound therapy treatments from negative pressure pumps to low air loss mattresses. You may also qualify for your low air loss mattress at little-to-no cost through insurance. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and let our Patient Care Representatives do the rest.

Don’t delay, start you or a loved one’s road to recovery as soon as possible.

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