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Benefits of Heated Tubing for Your CPAP

One of the most common complaints about CPAP therapy is nasal congestion and dryness. These symptoms can be a barrier to adherence to this life-improving therapy, but recent advances in humidification have helped. You need to be as comfortable as possible when using their CPAP machine. One often overlooked option patients have to alleviate nasal dryness and congestion due to CPAP therapy is heated CPAP tubing.

How does Heated CPAP Tubing Help?Heated CPAP Tubing

Heated CPAP tubing is beneficial because it is an extension of the very same process that the humidifier of the CPAP machine uses to moisten the air. A heating plate in the machine heats the water as the humidifier passes it through standard corrugated CPAP tubing.  The air cools while it passes through the standard CPAP tube. This cooler air can completely eliminate the benefit of a heated humidifier.

Avoiding Rainout

Heated CPAP tubing is also beneficial because of a less obvious reason. Due to a difference in temperature between the heated air and cooler standard tubing, condensation can build up both outside and inside the CPAP tubing. This can lead to rainout. Condensed water actually flows into the CPAP mask, which can be jarring and very uncomfortable. Additionally, condensation buildup on the outside of the tubing can lead to wet pillowcases and sheets. Heated CPAP tubing decreases condensation and the likelihood of a rainout.

Heated tubing and a tube wrap can greatly improve not only the effectiveness of CPAP therapy but also your sleeping conditions.

CPAP Tubing

Can I Use Heated CPAP Tubing?

Nearly all modern CPAP machines are compatible with heated tubing. Some require modification of the humidifier, but many are a simple switch out for standard tubing. If you’re suffering from CPAP complications like rainout, nasal dryness, or congested, buy heated CPAP tubing today.

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Additionally, Medicare and many commercial insurances will cover heated tubing just as they will standard tubing, as long as your doctor prescribes it. Aeroflow may be able to supply your CPAP and CPAP supplies at little-to-no cost to you through insurance. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and let Aeroflow take care of the rest. We will work with your insurance provider to verify your coverage and will contact you within 3-5 business days to discuss your options.


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