Basic Wheelchair Maintenance

Owning a wheelchair means having a sense of freedom.  It also means taking care of that freedom by making sure your wheelchair is in great condition, getting you from place to place for as long as possible.  Aeroflow Direct, from Aeroflow Healthcare, knows what it means to maintain your mobility and provides a wide variety of products for wheelchair maintenance and other medical equipment.  Proper wheelchair maintenance improves the life of your wheelchair, your mobility and your health.  Manual and power wheelchairs have different requirements, but the idea behind them is all the same, to make sure you can maintain your mobility freedom.

First and foremost, the wheels are literally the most important part to upkeep. The wheels are prone to wear and tear but the maintenance can be very simple.  Keeping the correct air pressure is the goal for pneumatic, or air filled tires.  Checking this pressure on a weekly basis and filling tires to the manufacturer’s requirements (usually printed on the outer rim of the tire) will keep them in great shape.  If tires are underinflated, there is a greater chance for premature wear and more likelihood of a flat tire occurring.

Also another important part of wheelchair wheels are the bearings.  Most well made wheelchairs have sealed bearings, but it is possible for smaller particles such as hair and carpet fibers to get lodged in them but a pair of tweezers can help remove the debris.  The casters need cleaning as well, and it is easiest to remove the casters, clean them thoroughly, wipe down the axles, re-lubricate and replace.  Also keep in mind that the spokes of your wheels need attention too.  If you “ping” the spokes like playing a guitar and any of them sound dull or visibly vibrate, they should be replaced.  This can be done at a local bike shop if you have one close to home; however, Aeroflow Direct is a great place to get these maintenance items online.

The seat and backrest are important because they are your main centers for comfort, support and posture.  The backrest can stretch over time and make you feel like you are leaning further back and this can cause unneeded back pain and muscle strain, or even injury.  Maintain the back rest by marking straps with a crayon or some kind of indicator to be sure the buckles remain in place.  Your wheelchair provider can help you choose the right back rest and cushions for your chair to make sure you are comfortable. Also, make sure your seat is maintained by keeping an eye out for wear and tear, by paying close attention for rips in the fabric.  Clean the upholstery monthly with mild soap and water to protect you from germs and bacteria that can collect in the material.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or someone who would rather have a little guidance when it comes to your wheelchair maintenance, have a look at the products on Aeroflow Direct or call 888-345-1780 and choose option 2 to speak with a knowledgeable mobility associate who is here to help!

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