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Bard Catheters Through Insurance

Many Medicaid patients are now eligible to receive up to 200 intermittent catheters each month. Medicare and most other private insurances are following suit. Bard intermittent, or single use, catheters are a great choice for those who are seeking catheters for their personal health needs.

Why Use Bard Catheters?

There are generally 3 reasons why a doctor would recommend that a patient begin using a urinary catheter:

  1. Unable to control urination.
  2. Suffering from urinary incontinence.
  3. Unable to empty the bladder when needed.

There are many reasons why a patient may not be able to urinate on their own including bladder and/or kidney stones, blood clots, enlarged prostate gland, recent surgery, impaired mental function, and medications that may squeeze the bladder causing urine to remain stuck in the bladder. Your doctor should be able to confirm the cause of your urinary incontinence as well as prescribe the use of a urinary catheter.

Bard single use or intermittent catheters are best used for patients who only need to use the catheter briefly to allow urine to flow, then is thrown away. For example, some patients need to use the catheter briefly after surgery. Once the bladder is emptied, the catheter can be thrown away.

Are There Any Possible Complications with Using Catheters?

It is possible for a number of complications to occur when using any kind of catheter including the development of a UTI, or urinary tract infection.

Some of the symptoms of a UTI can include the following:

  • Headache
  • Cloudy urine
  • Burning of the urethra or genital area
  • Leaky catheter
  • Foul smelling urine
  • Lower back pain
  • Fever and chills

More advanced complications from the poor usage of a catheter can include:

  • Kidney and bladder stones
  • Damage to the urethra
  • Kidney damage
  • Blood and/or kidney infection

Bard’s single use, intermittent catheters reduce the risk of complications because they are made to be only used once. The moment the catheter has done its job, the catheter must be removed and properly disposed of. When the patient is ready to empty their bladder again, he or she must use a new catheter.

Medicaid & Medicare Coverage of Incontinence Supplies

Now that Medicaid, Medicare, and many other private insurance companies now allow the purchase of up to 200 single-use catheters per month, it allows for more freedom for those who need multiple catheters per day to get the therapy they need.

A special feature for Bard single-use catheter patients is the Bard Touchless Plus Intermittent Catheter System. This system provides the most sterile, closed system kit featuring a pre-lubricated catheter and a patented finger guide. This system helps to reduce the risk of developing a UTI, or urinary tract infection.

With Aeroflow, you can see if you qualify through insurance for catheter supplies on our website. One of our Patient Care Representatives will work to verify your insurance information and contact you to discuss your coverage and catheter options.

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