Affordable Back Braces at Aeroflow Bracing

Being in pain is no way to live. Sadly, many patients suffer from back pain, knee pain, wrist pain, ankle pain etc. and have no medical equipment to ease their pain. Sometimes patients are suffering from long-term injuries or short-term injuries, but many times they need a brace ASAP to assist them through their difficult time. It is important to know that Aeroflow Healthcare offers many braces to help you.

Braces for Back Pain

The most common pain that patients suffer with is back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, a back brace may be right for you. Aeroflow Healthcare provides a variety of back braces to meet your medical needs. All the braces are lightweight and are designed with moisture wicking material and breathable zones for maximum comfort, to stay cool on the body, and not irritate the skin. The most popular options are the Aspen 637, providing trunk stability and pain relief, and the Delco Discovery 9 for extended use.

Those with back issues such as chronic back pain or lumbago, chronic lumbar instability, post-operative rehabilitation, degenerative disc disease, and many others are all good candidates for a back brace. We are able to bill Medicare, some state Medicaid, and most private insurances. See if you qualify today!

Knee, Wrist, Ankle Braces

For people who are suffering from knee pain, neck pain, ankle pain, or shoulder pain, Aeroflow offers numerous braces to help manage pain in those areas as well. We also have maternity support braces for mothers in need and have core/midsection braces and thigh/groin support braces to meet the needs of all patients. Whether you have been injured during an accident, a sporting event, unfortunate car accidents, or are recovering from surgery, we have a brace for you!

Braces through Online Order

For those who need a brace and do not want to go through insurance; do not worry — Aeroflow can still assist you! Aeroflow’s website allows patients to pay for equipment out of pocket, including affordable back braces. We have many different back braces available, each offered at a very competitive price. Feel free to call us today so we can help you make your decision.

Please do not stay in pain any longer — let Aeroflow Healthcare assist you with your needs. We are here to help you find the best brace at the best price. Call us today to get started!

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