Aeroflow's 3rd annual community garden has sprung

Aeroflow’s 3rd Annual Community Garden Has Sprung

Spring is finally arriving here in Asheville, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to bust out your favorite gardening tools to hit the lawn and prepare Aeroflow’s third annual community garden. The ground was officially broken on Saturday the 28th to prepare for tons of growth.

The community garden is an Aeroflow tradition that supports getting out in the sunshine to participate in growing a large variety of veggies and coming together as a team to socialize while supporting healthier eating habits.

Aeroflow’s 3rd Annual Community Garden Has Sprung

Everyone, including friends, family, and pets, was invited to participate in Aeroflow’s first community garden day of the season, complete with food and beverages to help prepare it for tons of fruits and veggies. A little maintenance will go a long way towards growing tons of fruits and veggies this year.

The first garden day included the important tasks of cleaning the garden, painting the picnic tables, burying a hose, and installing the bird bath. While no seeds were planted yet, it was an important first step to take. 

Aeroflow's community garden encourages healthy eating

Since the garden began back in 2016, steps have been taken to maintain a bigger turn out while growing more and more food for each season to be the best one yet. That’s why this year Aeroflow is upping their game by expanding the garden to include more berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and elderberries.

The garden will also be gaining a sprinkler system, a seed storage program to dry and save seeds for next season, and a decorative bird bath.

Aeroflow’s community garden is organic as possible with organic seeds and soil. No harsh chemicals or pesticides are used. Some of the gardening supplies come from local farmers markets to support the community.

Bring your family and friends to help in aeroflow's community garden The community garden is a great way for the Aeroflow team to bond and grow stronger as gardening builds self-esteem, promotes relaxation, and healthier habits. People will get the opportunity to grow and pick fresh vegetables that they helped grow.

Alex Headrick, Aeroflow’s own gardening enthusiast explained, “Gardening is a great way to encourage and introduce people to new vegetables they may have never seen before. Then as an added bonus, they get to experience the joy of helping produce it!”

Along with the rewarding gardening experience, all members of Aeroflow can use the community garden as a space to relax in during the day. The picnic tables and umbrellas invite people to enjoy their lunches as they listen to the relaxing fountain and check on all the leafy greens.

Aeroflow Can’t Wait To Grow

This was the first of many community garden days to come. We can’t wait to see the bounty produced by hand as our team comes together to enjoy this relaxing hobby. Whatever new fruits or vegetables spring up this year, we’ll be sure to dig it!

The next garden day will take place on May 12th to begin planting, add a trellis, build more planter boxes for berries, and much more. 

Garden Updates

On May 12th, we expanded the garden to include boxes for berries, additional seating, and a lovely new fountain!

Aeroflow Community Garden

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