Aeroflow loves playing senior bingo

Aeroflow is Excited to Participate in Senior Bingo

Aeroflow regularly goes above and beyond the typical call of duty as a durable medical equipment (DME) provider. That’s why aside from providing patients with outstanding care and support, we also give back to the community every chance we get. This is only one of the reasons why we were extremely honored to participate in senior bingo.

In the local Marjorie McCune Memorial Center the sounds of laughter, stamps inking paper, excitement, and of course, “BINGO!?!” filled the room as we enjoyed our time participating in multiple rounds.

Aeroflow is Excited to Participate in Senior Bingo

This was not our first time playing bingo with seniors and it won’t be the last. For us, playing bingo goes beyond competing in a game for prizes as we get to see the smiles on everyone’s faces. That’s why we are happy to actively help them take part in activities.

We get to assist those with hearing impairment know which numbers are called, help those with physical disabilities stamp their cards, help them pick out the perfect prizes, and much more. Best of all, we got to hear their amazing stories.

Plus, studies suggest that senior bingo actually has amazing benefits for each participant. The fast-paced game requires mental focus and alertness as players need to quickly measure information to keep up with which numbers are called, even if volunteers like us are there to assist. 

Senior bingo is a fun and beneficial activity

In fact, seniors who regularly play bingo have better concentration and improved short-term memory skilled than those how often play chess or card games. As seniors focus on the cards, their memory is boosted, and their minds can actually be sharpened as a result.

Participants benefit from excitement and increased energy as bingo it gives them something to look forward to and positive energy while playing. Also, the movements necessary to complete the game can improve hand-eye coordination which can be needed for those with slowed reflexes while participating in everyday activities.

Bingo an be a source of relaxation and stress relief as seniors get to take a break for a little while and just play. Plus players also get to socialize with others to create a sense of well-being. This is especially beneficial for those who are recovering from surgery or an illness because it helps to take their mind off being in pain.

Thanks for Letting us Play

We would like to genuinely thank members of Marjorie McCune Memorial Center for letting us spend the afternoon with them. It was truly our pleasure to take part in the exciting game of bingo, and we hope to come back and play again soon.

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