Aeroflow donates pediatric nebulizers to children in need

Aeroflow Donates Pediatric Nebulizers To Children In Nicaragua

As apart of Aeroflow’s three C’s for customers, co-workers, and community we were very excited to extend our healing reach across the continent by donating four pediatric nebulizers and thirty inhaler spacers to children in Nicaragua.

Aeroflow Donates Pediatric Nebulizers And Inhaler Spacers

We recently connected with Doctor Teresa Herbert of Park Ridge Hospital in Hendersonville, NC, and learned that she was going to join her daughter on a mission trip in Nicaragua.

Aeroflow works with Vision Nicaragua to donate pediatric nebulizersHowever, she needed nebulizer machines and inhaler spacers to help children suffering from repository disorders such as asthma and chronic bronchitis to help improve the quality of their lives. We were very proud to help out by donating our resources to this cause.

Dr.Herbert’s passion for providing pediatric care in such an impoverished area is both humbling and inspiring. It’s a great honor to be able to assist with her efforts and to be able to make a difference by giving back to the community so far away from home.

She was working with Vision Nicaragua, a local nonprofit group in Asheville, NC. They sponsor medical treatment, support, education, and financial assistance to struggling families in Nicaragua

Child nebulizers are prescribed by doctors to prevent asthma attacks, damage to the lungs, and to provide breathing assistance. They are often used by children for about 15 minutes every six hours.

Nebulizers are used for treating infants and children when they are too small or afraid to use inhalers. They work by atomizing liquid medicine into an inhalable mist that makes it easy for kids to breathe in. It also helps the medicine dissipate into the bloodstream quicker to provide faster relief.  

Dr. Herbert helps address children who need pediatric nebulizers For small children treatment can be scary, that’s why we provided child nebulizers with fun designs, such as a kitty or firetruck. Instead of having to use a loud, intimidating machine they are comforted and entertained by fun shapes and flashing lights.

An inhaler spacer is an attachment used on inhalers to hold medicine in place. They make it simpler for those with breathing problems to correctly inhale medicine into their lungs, by making it easier to aim. 

Inhaler spacers are used by patients who have trouble using their inhaler correctly and can extremely helpful for children struggling with asthma because their medicine will go straight to the lungs instead of hitting their mouth or throat.

Aeroflow is Happy to Help

Aeroflow donates pedatric nebulizers and more to help children As a part of our growing mission to provide the highest level of quality care possible to even more patients, we are more than happy to use our available resources to help those in need. By donating nebulizers and inhaler spacers to suffering children in Nicaragua we were able to help provide relief from repository ailments. We’re extremely grateful that Dr.Herbert was able to make the trip to treat a variety of patients from infants, children, and adults.  

This is only one example of how we’ve recently given back to the community. We were also able to help sponsor the Special Olympics, donate 1,180 pounds of food to Loving Food Resources, and much more.

We look forward to being able to help even more people and charities in the future to support the community and provide care to those without access to the medical equipment needed to improve the quality of their lives.

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