Aeroflow Breastpumps: Customer Testimonials

We have helped thousands of mothers get their breast pumps covered 100% under the Affordable Care Act. Here are just a few of their stories:

I’m so happy to get my pump in the mail today! What a great service – I did nothing but fill out a simple form and they took care of everything – confirming with insurance, getting RX from my doctor, and shipping it right to my PO Box! – J. Carter

Areoflow went above and beyond my expectations. I was so frustrated with my insurance company and the few recommendations they gave me. Then I stumbled upon Areoflow’s site…getting my breast pump was easy and fast and with friendly service!!!! Thanks! – S. Jeffcoat

Very easy. They did everything over email or internet they took care of it all with the insurance. – J. Cochran

Great customer service. Aeroflow makes it so easy, doing all the work for me. I loved that I was continuously updated on the process and the fast turn-around! I’ve recommended this company to other breastfeeding moms. – N. Frazier

Finally! A company that knew what my insurance would cover, clearly explained all of my options, and once I selected my pump it was at my door in 2 days! Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient staff – I’m sending all of my friends to you guys!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! – M. Ellis

Great customer service!! – S. Nieto

With all the things going on right now with baby and work it is nice to have something being taken care of by someone else! Thanks, Aeroflow, for keeping me updated. – K. Kesecker

I tried working with two other companies to get my breastpump, but chose Aeroflow because they showed professionalism, knowledge, and consistently followed through to make sure my needs were met. – S. Derr

Thank you so much for making an overwhelming situation a breeze! Your guidance and help relieved a lot of stress for me. – M. Costa

I want to let everyone know that Aeroflow provided outstanding service! I believe they went above and beyond, and if it wasn’t for their help I don’t think we would ever have received our breastpump as quickly as we did! – N. Holman

I received the pump yesterday! Looks great! I so much appreciate all of Aeroflow’s help. Thank you so much! – J. Schiller

Thank you again, Aeroflow! You’ve made getting my breastpump one less thing I have to worry about. I give you five stars for professionalism and friendliness! – M. Ramierz

I have BCBS in Idaho and mine was covered 100%!! It was super simple and only took a couple of calls and an application to be filled out and I got my pump!! – A. Alder

Blue cross blue shield covered my Meleda double breast pump electric and I love it! It’s really easy to use. – E. Limon

I have United Healthcare and I was able to order a Medela brand through Aeroflow healthcare. When i called the UHC rep, they only gave three participating providers – Edgepark, Byram, and Lucinacare. None of them offer Medela. Also, with Edgepark , they said per UHC i have to deliver baby first before I can order. An OP from another BBC birthclub recommended Aeroflow and they are indeed in the network so I called them.  . The rep, Courtney, asked for my insurance information and the contact info of my OB then they called me back. I paid 25bux for the shipping I was told that it should arrive within 5 days. Awesome! – BabyCenter Forum User Mom_VA

It’s a true story! I was approved for my free pump! They contacted my insurance and all I had to do was fill out a form to Areoflow online! – K. Moore

It really isn’t a scam for anyone wondering. I was skeptical, but got exactly what I ordered and didn’t pay ANYTHING. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to breast feed after all…but that’s another story. – A. Martinez

This is NOT a scam! I am so grateful for whom ever put this on a new feed. I have been trying to get s pump through my insurance for a month . I called Aeroflow Breastpumps and my pump was approved and shipped out in less than a week. – P. Monaghan

I ordered on a Thursday, got a call back within 2 hours & was approved & 100% covered for my pump. It arrived on the following Tuesday! I called 3 other companies, all names given to me by my insurance company, and not one took my insurance! If you have Anthem BCBS, use Aeroflow! – S. Wescott

I got my breast pump through this company a couple weeks ago. It didn’t cost me a penny and they did all the work for me. – A. Wilson

I got mine in the mail it took a week to process and deliver. It saved me $269.00 + tax! – S. Pugh-Yarborough

Hey ladies!  Just wanting to take a second to compliment Aeroflow medical supply (no, I don’t work there).  I’d been stressing out about United Healthcare not approving a breast pump until after the baby was born (late January). They also only provide you with a couple of options for med supply companies.  However, if you look at their approved providers list, Aeroflow and others are on it as well.  I heard good things about Aeroflow on a different board and filled out their short online form requesting the pump just for the hell of it.  Got a call today that it was approved by UHC and being shipped tomorrow!  I don’t know how they cut through all the BS to get it done, but it was so easy!  Hope this info might help some of y’all too! – BabyCenter Forum User Sacrecoeur

I have United Healthcare and they approve me for a double pump at no cost and they also gave me options to upgrade if I wanted a more complex pump! – R. Amador

I got mine yesterday! Put my order in on Friday, I’m very happy with their service I have Anthem B/C an I too had a difficult time trying to find a company that took my insurance so thanks Aeroflow for hooking me up with my breast pump! – A. Hall-Marioth

Definitely think those of you who have been told you don’t qualify should let the company try to call for you!! I had to jump through hurdles when I got mine over a year ago… Wish I would’ve had info for this company!! – M. James

This company was the most efficient one I worked with! Others weren’t sure if my insurance was covered or not (how can you not know that?!?!) and wanted me to pay for the pump up front then they would bill my insurance and reimburse me IF my insurance paid it. Nah. Not worth the hassle! So glad I found this link. Aeroflow took care of everything and all through a few questions on their site and a couple of emails. Thanks! I’ve spread the word and got some friends coming for you!! – M. Ellis

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