Feel Pretty During Pregnancy

5 Tips to Feel Pretty During Pregnancy

By Jennifer Jordan

Pregnancy is an amazing time in your life.  However, if you are anything like I was during my pregnany, between the hormones, swollen ankles and trying to find cute clothes that fit, you may loose a little of that pregnancy glow.  Here are 5 tips to feel pretty during pregnancy!

  1.  Get a manicure or pedicure.  A nice mani/pedi makes a girl feel so good.  Maybe you cannot reach your toes so there is no better excuse for taking the afternoon at the spa and getting your nails does.  If your budget doensn’t allow for a trip to the spa, use this as the perfect excuse for a girl’s night.  You will have a great time catching up with girlfriends and getting pampered at the same time.
  2. Splurge on a pregnancy massage.  A prenatal massage shares many of the same goals of a regular massage such as relaxing tense muscles and make you feel good.  However, a pregnancy massage is tailored to the needs of pregnany women and their bodies.  A massage therapist trained in prenantal massage adjust their techniques in order t meet the needs of your changing body
  3. Get ready every morning.  When you are pregnant you get tired quickly and sometimes don’t feel like doing your hair and makeup in the morning.  Stick with the routine of showering, doing your hair and makeup in the morning and you will feel much prettier throughout the day.
  4. Exercise.  Whether it be taking a maternity exercise class, walking around your neighborhood or yoga, exercise is great for your body and makes you feel better about yourself.  Make sure you clear all exercise routines with your Dr.  Also, see if there is a maternity exercise class in your community; there you can meet other women who are going through the same experiences.
  5. Believe your husband/partner when they tell you that you are beautiful.  Your mate loves you an thinks you are the most beautifu woman in the world.  They love your changing body and are amazed by you.  Believe then when they tell you that you are beautiful!
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