Makse sure you're buying quality CBD oil

4 Ways To Make Sure You’re Buying Quality CBD

CBD is expanding into the healthcare market as it’s more readily available to a variety of potential users. However, CBD oil is still highly unregulated by the FDA, so additives, dosages, and health claims differ across the industry. Be sure to take your time and research your options before picking just any supplier in order to get high-quality CBD and maximize the potential health benefits.

Finding Quality CBD

1. Judge CBD Health Claims

Quality CBD suppliers don't promote wild health claimsGenerally, consumers seek CBD for pain or for anxiety, so some manufacturers will falsely claim their CBD products as incredible cure-alls. They may list items as pain relieving, insomnia banishing, anxiety-relieving, and more, even though it’s against FDA guidelines! If they do, make sure they have the studies or facts to back up their information.

While CBD effects do have health-boosting potential, more studies need to be conducted before these claims can be validated. A legitimate supplier will present the facts about how their product is derived and how to properly use it. They won’t use misleading information just to boost their sales.

If you look up CBD oil reviews you may get a solid idea of how well the supplier conducts business. People are generally honest about their experiences, but may also make health claims, so be sure to read each review with a grain of salt. 

2. Watch Out For Additives  

You’ll want to use pure CBD oil to avoid harmful additives and toxins. It’s important to avoid non-reputable suppliers. Because CBD is unregulated, low-grade CBD oils can have harmful additives and solvents might be used to cut costs and the CBD products might be incorrectly labeled.

When browsing CBD gummies, oils, and more look for whole-plant extracts. When CBD oil is derived from whole hemp plants it contains natural terpenes, synergistic cannabinoids, essential compounds, and more from the original plant to provide a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Many reputable sellers will also list where their hemp plants are industrially grown and if they’re organic or not.

CBD isolates do not contain any natural compounds from the original hemp plant. As a result, they do not provide as many CBD benefits. 

Quality CBD is grown from organic, industrial hemp plants

3. Consider The Price 

If you search “CBD near me’ tons of products from CBD vape oil to topical creams will pop up and it can be tempting to click on the lowest prices, but use caution. Many suppliers are offering CBD at the lowest possible prices, but it’s cheaper to cut corners.

Isolates are generally cheaper than whole plant extracts. Plus, wholesome suppliers will use an extraction process involving CO2 to provide a high-quality product without the use of chemicals or additives, but it’s more expensive than other methods.

4. The Right CBD Won’t Get You High  

Quality CBD is generally THC free or only has .3%

CBD is a different cannabinoid from THC and will not get you high.

Cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive and has no mind-altering effects, unlike THC. It’s important to purchase items that are THC free. However, products can contain up to .3% of THC, which is the legal limit. That amount will not cause you to become high or appear on a drug test.

CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants, but hemp is generally to go-to, as it’s regulated to only contain .3% of THC.

The FDA has found that some oils have mislabeled their concentration of both CBD and THC, that’s why it’s important to choose a supplier that has published their lab results to prove their concentrations. Quality CBD oil is pharmacist regulated with strict protocols and guidelines for purity. Lab testing is another expense that unreputable suppliers forgo.

Aeroflow Only Offers Quality CBD

In order to help more patients, we only offer high quality, whole plant CBD oil that has been extracted from organically grown hemp plants. Our Elixinol CBD contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids to provide products with a high concentration of pure CBD oil. We do not carry any CBD products that contain harmful chemicals or additives, so you can safely take advantage of its potential healing properties.


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