When to Know if You Need a Back Brace

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to stop being stubborn and ask for help with your back pain. Back pain is a common problem that many individuals face starting as early as their mid 20’s. If you have lived with back pain for a while it can be tough to know when or if you need a back brace. A few indicators to let you know when or if you need a back brace may seem obvious, such as a recent injury or diagnoses of degenerative disc disease. Here are few other reasons a back brace may be beneficial for you.

Pain with movement– if you find it’s becoming complicated to move from side to side or bending down to pick up an item off the floor is easier said than done, you may want to consider a back brace.

Poor posture– are you experiencing back pain due to always being slumped down in your chair? Do you feel like you are constantly hunched over or are developing a hunchback? A back brace could provide support and proper posture to reverse these symptoms if it is addressed early on.

Reduction in chance of injury– are you regularly lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects? Do you find yourself bending over repetitively when picking up or setting down children, or grandchildren? While we think of “heavy” as objects as weights, even something as simple as the repetitive motion of carrying a 30-35 pound toddler can take its toll on your back. A back brace can provide support and stabilize your core muscles for assistance with such activities.

The best method in determining whether you need a back brace is to speak with your physician about your back pain. Your healthcare provider can review your medical records and complete a full evaluation on your history and current symptoms to determine if a back brace is the best option for you. Finding a solution to back pain doesn’t necessarily involve injections or invasive surgeries. A back brace is a noninvasive alternative to dealing with your back pain.

Aeroflow Healthcare offers an array of back braces to target lower or mid back pain, or to simply offer more support when sitting or bending over. Many insurance companies may cover the cost of your back brace. To see if you qualify, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will contact you to discuss your coverage and options. Let Aeroflow start helping to control your back pain today!

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