wheelchair friendly home

Wheelchair Friendly Home

Are thinking about a getting wheelchair to improve your mobility? Have you looked around your home to ensure that you will be able to safely and adequately utilize it? It is important to have a wheelchair friendly home, so if this is something you haven’t considered, take a minute and use this checklist to make sure you make your home wheelchair friendly.

How to Make a Wheelchair Friendly Home:

  • Look around your room, make sure furniture is spaced so that you can utilize your wheelchair. Make sure that the floor is kept clear of clutter so you have safe passage from room to room. This is crucial to ensuring a wheelchair friendly home.
  • Do you have trouble standing up unassisted? You may want to consider a lift chair. This is a specialized chair that resembles a recliner. The difference is that this chair is helpful in allowing you to stand upright without much pain or effort. It is controlled electronically by a remote that lifts the chair forward off the floor until you are standing. A lift chair could assist you in transferring to your wheelchair safely. All kinds of model are available at Aeroflow Direct. They range in color, size, and material; so that you get a good variety in getting the type of chair that you want.
  • Next, check the bathroom. This can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your home and very important to make wheelchair friendly. A combination of unsteady balance and wet surfaces is not a safe. There are a few bathroom accessories that can help improve the conditions. From non-slip bath mats to shower chairs and grab bars, you can find accessories to enhance the safety of your bathroom at Aeroflow Direct.
  • Check your entry way. Do you have a level entrance to your home or are there stairs leading to our front door? Either way, an entry ramp would be beneficial. It will allow safe transport in and out of your home. There are many different options for ramps. They can vary in length and incline as well as material, from wood to even rubber. Most ramps are built for permanent placement. However, some ramps like the ones available on Aeroflow Direct are portable allowing you to travel with them. Ensuring you’re able to travel in and out of your home is another crucial step to making sure you have a wheelchair friendly home.

Making sure you have a wheelchair friendly home is a big step in ensuring you receive the full benefits of a wheelchair. It is no secret there are many benefits to using a wheelchair to improve mobility. To get more information on wheelchair friendly homes, call us at 844-686-5539. To qualify through insurance for a wheelchair, simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form.

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