What Is A BiliBlanket?

What Is A BiliBlanket?

What Is A BiliBlanket?

A BiliBlanket is a portable medical device for infants that treats hyperbilirubinemia or neonatal jaundice.  The name BiliBlanket originated as the trademark term of a General Electric product, but has since been adopted as the colloquial term for this type of equipment.


How Does A BiliBlanket Work?

BiliBlankets exert a blue/white light of varying intensity that permeates through a light fabric. The baby is placed close to or on the blanket during treatment. This light helps break down high levels of bilirubin in the bloodstream, which causes the discoloration of baby’s skin.

What Is The Difference Between Home & Hospital Treatment?

For over 30 years, phototherapy treatment has been used in hospitals.  Hospital treatment involves rows of lights shining directly on an undressed baby (with diaper on) whose eyes would need protection from the light with soft eye patches applied.

Technology advancements have led to home phototherapy treatment through the use of BiliBlankets. The blanket is tied to baby (usually on the back) and a pad of woven fibers is used to transport light to your baby.

Home treatment is quite popular with parents, doctors, and insurance companies because you avoid higher costs of inpatient treatment. With home phototherapy, your child can be diapered, clothed, held, and nursed during treatment.  Some also consider it a better option because the newborn does not have to be separated from the parents and does not need to lie alone in a box with their eyes covered.


Where And How Do I Get A BiliBlanket? 

A BiliBlanket is prescribed by your doctor. But don’t worry; Aeroflow Healthcare takes care of all the communication with your doctor’s office and paperwork for filing through insurance.

Your doctor will need to communicate with Aeroflow Healthcare for blanket rental, to submit the prescription, and provide demographic profile sheet. Aeroflow works with the patient to collect insurance information and deliver the BiliBlanket to your home.

If you would like to take advantage of home phototherapy jaundice treatment by using a BiliBlanket, call Aeroflow at 888-345-1780 today and we’ll get the process started for you.

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