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What Breastfeeding Related Expenses Are Tax Deductible?

If you’re wondering what breastfeeding related expenses are tax deductible, we have the answer for you. Typically we wouldn’t tell you to give the Internal Revenue Service a round of applause, but you might be excited to know that thanks to them (and a lot of help from the American Academy of Pediatrics pressuring them), many breastfeeding related expenses are deductible now! That includes but is not limited to breast pumps. It is funny to imagine that previous to 2010, breast pumps were put on the same list as nondeductible “feeding devices” with items such as blenders! Because the benefits of breastfeeding are widely agreed upon by medical professionals around the world, breast pumps are officially held as “medical devices” and run in the same category as medically necessary items.

Want to take advantage of this excellent benefit and save you and your family money? We thought so. Under the Affordable Care Act, new and expecting mothers are eligible for a breast pump and breastfeeding related supplies at little or no cost under most insurance plans. You could qualify to receive a free Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter, Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, or Hygeia Q Breast Pump. Did we mention shipping is free?

Breast Pump Options

We offer a wide variety of breast pumps that fit your pumping needs. Maybe you’re often out and about or travel for work and need an upgrade that encompasses a bunch of accessories. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced On the Go Tote is a popular pick. It includes a trendy tote bag, freezer bag, ice pack, storage containers, and battery pack. If you would rather have a convenient backpack option, we have that too. Besides the convenience of having all of the accessories, another benefit of purchasing an upgrade breast pump in the month of April is that you will also receive the Medela Accessory Starter Set (a $50 value!). The set comes with nursing pads, steam bags, cleaning wipes and other amazing items. One of the greatest benefits of a tax deductible breast pump is that you can use your pre-tax dollars to pay for an upgrade or accessories. You can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to take care of the expenses.

Congrats to anyone adding the cutest of tax-deductions to the family this year!

We hope we have lifted your spirits a little today in knowing that many breastfeeding related expenses are tax deductible. Who knew the IRS could be so giving? If you’re ready to see if you’re eligible for a free breast pump through insurance, we’re here to help! All you have to do is fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form here and leave the rest to us. If you need immediate assistance, breast pump specialists are on the other line waiting to assist at (844)867-9890. We look forward to helping you get your free breast pump through insurance today!

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