Treating Springtime Allergies with a Nebulizer

Treat spring allergies with a nebulizer from Aeroflow

Are you excited about the arrival of springtime?  It’s time to plan your family vacations, get some outdoor exercise, and maintain the nice looking yard your neighbors will brag about. Spring may have sprung, but unfortunately, so have your allergies. Sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, and sinus issues also begin to trouble people around this time of year. Did you know that this can sometimes trigger asthma and other respiratory issues even if you’ve never suffered from them in the past?

Springtime Allergies

Springtime means an influx of pollen has entered the air.  The weeks with little rain mean the pollen has time to build up and cause a multitude of issues for many people. A higher pollen count can also mean even more difficulty with allergies than normal.

Asthma can cause difficulty breathing by causing a constriction of your airway and windpipe. Did you know a nebulizer is an effective way of treating this and preventing flare-ups?  Some people only utilize their nebulizer in the spring when they are affected the most by this. How do you know if a nebulizer is the right treatment option?

How a Nebulizer can Help

A nebulizer produces a gentle mist containing medication your doctor feels is best for your condition flowing through a mouthpiece or mask. The treatments are quick and effective, reducing the effects of asthma and other complications.

Today’s units have become smaller and more effective making the older bulky slow-flowing nebs obsolete. Portable nebulizers with battery packs are also another popular choice among patients. You can also obtain a rescue inhaler when you are away from home encountering unforeseen asthmatic episodes. These work well when participating in sports when asthma can sometimes be exercise induced.

Respiratory Equipment through Insurance

Did you know that all of the items previously mentioned can be obtained through your insurance at little to no cost to you? Many people are making the most out of their insurance plan for their respiratory needs. Aeroflow healthcare wants you to have an eventful spring without breathing ailments holding you back. We are nationally recognized as a premier respiratory needs provider. We also have an excellent resupply program, making sure that your nebulizer is maintaining peak performance by replacing supplies regularly. You can read more about our resupply program here. Even better, we are also in network with virtually every major insurance carrier!

Are you interested in obtaining a nebulizer to treat your allergies, but you’re afraid your large deductible will result in hefty out of pocket costs? Aeroflow has many options available to avoid these situations and understand the complications of obtaining respiratory supplies through insurance. Our billing representatives are also here to make sure you obtain the excellent care you need at a cost you can afford. Talk with your doctor today!

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