The Psychological Side of Erectile Dysfunction

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about the physical causes of erectile dysfunction. Though they can relate to the majority of erectile dysfunction cases, there are other issues that cannot be addressed by physical remedies.

Many times, erectile dysfunction can be psychological. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or another imbalance, the mental aspect of an erection and sexual satisfaction is just as powerful – if not more so – than the physical. We’ll take a look at several mental reasons why you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Stress: Whether it’s work, school, the kids, money, or the holidays you can get stressed. This stress can carry over into the bedroom as well. When your mind is worrying about other things, sex can be the last thing you’re thinking about and this can issues with ED.

Anxiety: In this case, I’m not talking about anxiety like a synonym of stress, but rather performance anxiety in the bedroom. If there have been erection problems in the past, and you’re thinking about it, it can affect your performance.

Depression: Whether it is sexually related or not, libido is on the back burner when you are depressed. If you find yourself fatigued, cloudy, apathetic and losing interest in things you typically love you may want to seek medical help to fix a bigger issue like depression.

All of these issues are probably being addressed elsewhere outside of the bedroom, but the mental block is being carried over. We suggest that you take some time for yourself, and remove yourself from sex, and sexual interactions. Take time focusing on what makes you happy whether that is a hiking, going for a drive, playing an instrument, getting a massage, or treating yourself to a nice meal.

Taking time to please yourself in ways outside of the bedroom can greatly boost your mood, reduce stress and take some of the anxiety out of sex.

However, if you are still curious about a remedy for erectile dysfunction, Aeroflow is happy to offer penis pumps through your insurance. You can fill out our qualify through insurance form or give us a call at (888) 345-1780. We look forward to hearing from you!

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