The Pros of Buying Healthcare Products Without Insurance

By Zach Collins

Aeroflow Healthcare has helped countless people get the healthcare products and supplies that they need, and more often than not at no cost to the patient. This is because Aeroflow works hand in hand with major insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid in order to give our patients the best service possible. So what happens when a patient doesn’t have insurance? For a long time, there wasn’t a very good answer for that. But now with Aeroflow Direct, patients can buy healthcare supplies with their own money, without needing insurance. So what are some of the factors that go into making this decision? Let’s look.


With health insurance, things like doctor’s visits, medications, and durable medical equipment (or DMEs) are usually covered at no cost to the patient. However, in exchange for these services, the patient has to pay a yearly, quarterly, or monthly premium. Premiums can often go up as patients become sick or require more healthcare, leading to huge bills that make a lot of people questions whether or not the insurance is worth it. When you pay for your healthcare equipment, however, you only pay for what you need, and nothing more. If, for example, all you need is a walker, or power wheelchair, you can buy it through Aeroflow Direct and be done; no bills, no premiums.

Young People

Young people, especially millennials, are more and more turning away from health insurance, and finding that they would prefer to only pay for the little care that they need from time to time. For example, if a young man or woman is healthy, and only goes in for a yearly check-up, it’s much more cost effective for them to simply pay for that single check-up out of pocket than pay for health insurance every month, only to not need it. With Aeroflow Direct, they can buy whichever healthcare product or DME they might need for themselves, without the hassle of insurance.


Everyone’s heard the stories of the red tape and headaches someone had to go through in order to receive the simplest of treatment or care. It seems mind-boggling to some, but it all comes down to the rules and regulations of insurance. With some insurance plans, you’re only covered for certain things, certain sickness, and can only visit certain doctors. When choosing on your own, you can go to the doctor you want to go to, get treatment for what you need, and ultimately only pay what you have to.


So the next time you’re thinking about health insurance, or healthcare products and supplies, keep these things in mind. It’s also important to remember that with the Affordable Care Act, taxes or penalties can be levied on those without health insurance (although many have found that this fine is still much less than the cost of admission for insurance). For more information about Aeroflow Direct, click here or call Toll Free at 1-888-345-1780

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