The importance of resupply

The Importance of Resupply

For patients using CPAP therapy, nebulizer therapy, oxygen therapy, or any other kind of treatment which necessitates regular resupply, the amount of information to keep track of can be daunting. Many patients may often feel as though they are pressured to change out the supplies for their treatment by both their medical equipment provider and their insurance company more frequently than they might when left to their own devices. This can lead to a feeling of wastefulness or excess. However, when examining the reasoning behind regular resupply, as well as consequences which may arise from not following a resupply program, the importance of resupply becomes readily apparent.

The main factor in the importance of resupply is for treatment to remain effective. In the case of CPAP supplies, for example, supplies are changed out regularly in large part to preserve the seal created by the CPAP mask in order to open the airway to a degree that restful sleep can be obtained. If headgear has worn out elastic, or a mask cushion has become malformed, this can result in leaks, and discomfort, marks and sore areas on the face, and general ineffectiveness, defeating the root purpose of CPAP therapy, which is to ensure restful sleep. Similarly, if oxygen cannulas or nebulizer tubing is not changed out frequently, obstructions from dirt buildup and other problems resulting from normal wear and tear can decrease their effectiveness as well.

Beyond effectiveness, the other driving factor in the importance of resupply is maintaining sterility of equipment and preventing the consequences of poor equipment hygiene. Given that oxygen, nebulizer, and CPAP therapy are all intimately connected to the airways and lungs, regularly resupplying and changing out supplies are particularly important. Since these types of therapy interact directly with airways, sinuses, lungs, and other sensitive areas, improperly changed supplies increase the risk of respiratory infections and other types of negative health consequences. Over time and repeated use, cannulas, masks, tubing, and other supplies will naturally develop bacteria and dirt buildup from normal use, even if proper preventative cleaning procedures are followed.

Given the cost of supplies, which can often be substantial depending on insurances and deductibles, there can sometimes be a tendency on the part of patients to push their supplies as long as they will go, often until they cease to function altogether. However, given that regular resupply programs can mitigate infections and other complications which can ultimately be life-threatening, it is absolutely better to err on the side of caution. This is why insurance programs such as Medicare have set up strict resupply guidelines dictating when patients should change out their medical supplies, highlighting the importance of resupply. If you are utilizing medical treatments such as CPAP therapy which require you to change out recurring supplies, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today. Our trained representatives can contact you at regular intervals when you are eligible for medical supplies under your insurance, removing the guesswork from your therapy, saving you money, and giving you one less thing to worry about.

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