The Freedom and Independence of Owning a Power Wheel Chair

By Brittany Laws

Do you feel isolated, and left out of things that you used to find joy in doing? Do you sit in one room of your house due to immobility and barely move from that single spot? Or maybe you don’t, but a family member or loved one of yours does. It may be time to consider a power wheelchair. The freedom a power wheelchair can offer goes beyond simply transporting your body from one room to another, it can enhance your mood and outlook by allowing you control of your life again. It’s sad to feel left out or to have to watch someone you care for be left out because of their inability to walk or mobilize freely. However there is a solution, freedom of mobility can be accomplished with a power wheelchair.

It can be frustrating not being able to participate in activities that you enjoy. Having to rely on someone to bring you food, help you bath and dress can quickly start to take a toll on mental well being. A power wheelchair gives you the freedom to accomplish those tasks without the assistance of anyone. You can drive your wheelchair to the kitchen to prepare yourself a meal when your get hungry, or drive from your bedroom once you’re dressed to the bathroom to then groom yourself. Being independent again can lift your spirit and a healthy attitude on life is just as important as being physically fit. A power wheelchair can offer you peace of mind, as well as an alternative to simply sitting and watching life pass you by.

Yes trouble with mobility can be physically painful, and that ultimately will be the qualifying factor in obtaining a power wheelchair. However it is important to view a power wheelchair as a way to optimize your qualify of life both mentally and physically. If you are ready to start improving your wellbeing and being more active in your own life, complete out Qualify through insurance form to see if you are eligible for a power wheelchair. If you have any questions we are here for you. Simply call us at 888-345-1780, so that we can help get your freedom back.

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