Steering options for your mobility device

Steering Options for Your Mobility Device

Whether it’s powered by a motor or by your own strength, there are many steering options available for mobility devices. Depending on your individual needs, range of motion, and what is recommended by your physician, you are sure to find a steering option to fit your needs from Aeroflow Healthcare.

Below are all of the steering options offered at Aeroflow Healthcare. You can also view our wide selection of top-brand mobility devices here.

Manual steering option

First, are the manual steering options; walkers and manual wheelchairs are the main devices within this category. Both are maneuvered and steered by the use of your feet and hands. You must propel or position yourself in the direction in which you wish to go in order to move in that direction. Benefits to this particular steering option are maintaining motor skills and building strength. These devices are also a safe option for those with mild mobility limitation. However, for some a manual steering option could pose as a potential hazard, especially for those who experience frequent balance problems or exhaustion from activity.

Tiller system steering option

The next type of steering option is a tiller system. This type of steering is solely available on scooters. It helps to envision the tiller steering system as bicycle handlebars. You need to be able to maintain postural stability for use this device. In other words, you will need to remain comfortably seating with your arms outstretched to physically steer a scooter, just as you would a bicycle or motorcycle. Since it is powered by a battery operated motor the steering isn’t difficult to maneuver and does not require as much exertion as steering a manual wheelchair. There are many benefits to a scooter such as a quicker rate of mobility and these are less taxing on the body than with the use of a walker or manual wheelchair. However a scooter isn’t the best option for everyone. Those with severe mobility impairment could harm themselves getting on and off of the platform of a scooter and may not have the stamina to continuously use a tiller steering system.

Joystick steering option

The final steering option offered at Aeroflow Healthcare is a joystick control such as on a power wheelchair. Some rehabilitation wheelchair do offer steering options that are more sophisticated than a joystick, however those do have to be recommended as medically necessary. Out of all of the steering options available through Aeroflow Healthcare, the joystick is the most advanced. It gives the user control of the entire power wheelchair conveniently placed on either the left or right arm rest. A power wheelchair is the ideal choice for those patients who suffer from chronic, serious mobility limitation. However, all other options should be tried and ruled out before you request a power wheelchair from your doctor.

While mobility devices can be slightly pricey, you may be able to qualify for your mobility aid thorugh insurance. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and options. If you have questions regarding your mobility options or getting your aid through insurance, give Aeroflow Healthcare a call at 844-686-5539.

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