Single-Use or Reusable Catheters?

Choosing a catheter

We are all interested in saving money in any way we can. That is why we often reuse items until they can no longer be used. While this may work for everyday items, can the same thing be said for medical equipment?

Catheters are one such medical device that should be used with care when deciding whether to use them once or multiple times. If you want a catheter you can reuse, it is important to purchase one that is marked as reusable. If you only want to use the catheter once, you can choose to purchase catheters that are for single use only.

Choosing a catheter

Making the distinction between reusable (indwelling) and single-use/disposable (intermittent) catheters is important because they are making contact with the inside of your body and transporting waste fluids like urine. If the catheter is not sterile, you increase the likelihood of developing an infection.

There are lots of options to consider when purchasing a catheter. Consider these factors:

  • Short or long term use
  • Style of the tip
  • Type of material
  • Male or female
  • Size
  • Length

The list can go on. It is important to note the language used in the description of the catheter.

Health risks with reusable catheters

Poor cleaning habits and improper storage of reusable catheters have been linked to increased risk of infections. While the cost of reusable catheters may seem like the most feasible option for most, patients should also consider the cost of other supplies like lubricants and sterilizers. Beyond the cost, the patient also needs to evaluate the extra time spent properly washing the reusable catheter.

The added monetary expense and extra time spent on the proper maintenance of should be considered when deciding to use the reusable catheter vs. the single use catheter. What are your daily habits? Do you have easy access to a clean bathroom and washing supplies? Are you a person who can stick to a habit of daily cleaning? If you answered yes, then the reusable catheter may be a viable option for you. However, if you answered no to either question, you may want to pay the added expense for the single use catheter.

Invest in a catheter that meets your needs

When it comes to medical equipment like catheters, it is best to stay on the side of caution and invest in the catheter that not only meets your needs but can help you reduce infection at all costs.

Catheters tend to be expensive, but you can often Qualify through Insurance to get what you need at a low cost or for free. Aeroflow can also help you get your catheters delivered each month quickly and easily. To learn more about how it works, give us a call today, or fill out our form to see if your insurance will cover your monthly supply of intermittent or indwelling catheters.

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