Shoes and Your Back Pain

Shoes and Your Back Pain

You can find tons of information on back pain caused by lack of exercise, poor posture, and even an unhealthy diet. But what about your shoes and your back pain? This type of back pain stemming from your shoes is called referred pain and is a type of ache that actually originates in one area of the body but is felt in another. Often times referred pain felt in your back has traveled up from your feet and into your back and is a result of improper footwear.

Many people experience back pain in the form of sciatica. Sciatica stems from pain related to your sciatic nerve; your sciatic nerve is the major nerve that comes down the spine and back of the leg.  A common cause for this type of back pain are uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. Shoes need to be comfortable and they need to be appropriate for you foot. Shoes can result in back pain when they are too small, too wide, or too big. If your shoes do not offer much support, back pain may also result.

Have you ever noticed the machines in superstores that will show the pressure in your foot when you stand on them? Usually, these machines offer suggestions on shoes or inserts that could increase the amount of support and balance your shoes are giving. Surprisingly, your shoes have a lot to do with your balance and gait. Gait, or how you walk, along with how you balance your weight affects your back muscles which, if not maintained at a proper level, could result in back pain.

Some common types of shoes that cause back pain and may want to be avoided when possible are:

High heels– These shoes can cause back pain for obvious reasons. The weight distribution is distorted when wearing high heels, causing the majority of your weight to be placed on the ball of your foot. Putting so much weight and pressure on one part of your foot can often result in referred back pain.

Ballet flats – Ballet flats are just that, flat. Your foot has a natural arch and when that arch is not supported correctly back pain is a common result.

Flip flops – Although not as severe as the previously mentioned shoe types, flip flops, like ballet flats, can cause back pain due to the lack of support that they provide.

One of the biggest factors in reducing back pain that is related to your shoe type is to make sure you have the correct shoe for the activity in which you are engaging. For example, use running shoes for exercise; they have extra padding and support needed when participating in strenuous activity.

If you have adjusted the types of shoes you are wearing but your back pain is still prevalent, a back brace may help to ease your pain. Aeroflow Healthcare offers a wide selection of back braces so you are sure to find the perfect one to fit your needs. To find out if your insurance qualifies you for a back brace, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form. After completion, one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will contact you to discuss your options. Should you have any questions regarding a back brace from Aeroflow Healthcare, please feel free to give us a call at 844-686-5539.

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