Routine Screening for ED

Routine Screenings for ED

By Chass Armstrong

Think of the five most important men in your life. Statistically, one of them will experience ED.  Erectile Dysfunction is much more common than one would think, and is nothing to be embarrassed about. But you can’t fix a problem you might have without going in for a screening with your doctor.

Aside from increased cardio vascular fitness though exercise, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco there isn’t much that one can do naturally to help with erectile dysfunction. However, you can go see your doctor. There are many factors that can go into ED, and if you don’t get screened, you may not know why you are having issues. Though ED is most common in men over 55 years of age, it is never too early to contact your doctor if you think you may need treatment.

To determine the proper treatment, doctors will administer several types of ED screenings.

Basic questions regarding your health habits, stress levels, and any medicines, or drugs that you take can point doctors in the right direction.

Basic blood tests will be able to determine if your blood count is too low, if there are irregularities in your blood sugar, if your liver and kidneys are properly functioning, and if your hormone levels are too low.

If it’s not an issue with your blood or hormone levels, the next round of tests can determine if there is or has been nerve damage or circulation problems. To test this, doctors will administer what is called a Nocturnal Penile Tumescence test. In this test, three bands will be wrapped around the shaft of the penis, and will record any expansions in the bands due to nocturnal erection. On average, men have around six nocturnal erections per night, so not experiencing any will be a clear sign that there may be an issue with circulation.

In any case, the most natural, and often times safest way to deal with Erectile Dysfunction is with a penis pump. We have penis pumps available at Aeroflow and many times they are covered under insurance. See if you Qualify through insurance today. Again, we are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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