Questions To Ask During Your Mobility Evaluation

When you are preparing to meet your doctor or physical therapist for your mobility evaluation you may want to prepare a few questions to ask. Whether this is your first visit or if you’ve been treated in the past, you will want to make this visit as successful as possible. You want to provide your doctor or physical therapist with as much information as possible. This will make the best use of your time and allow them to make the best decisions concerning your mobility needs. Remember if the doctor doesn’t know about it, chances are; when it comes to a diagnosis, the problem doesn’t exist.

Here are a few things you can do that provide your doctor with additional information and increase the success of your mobility evaluation.

  • Prepare any questions you have for your doctor before hand. You may also want to include any concerns you have.
  • Make a list of and specific notes about symptoms/ailments you have, which you think limit your mobility. Be sure to mention areas of swelling, weakness and limited motion. You may also want to know when these symptoms are worse, better or relieved.
  • Make note of all injuries, bruises, environmental hazards in your home or incidents such as falls that you have had in the past.
  • Mention any prescription or over the counter medications you take.
  • Take a close family member, friend or caregiver along with you. This will ensure all information provided to you from the doctor is remembered.
  • Be sure and ask your doctor to provide you with information on what the process for getting a power mobility device includes.
  • Ask them how long the process takes to acquire the mobility device best suited for your limitations.
  • Ask when and under what circumstances will Medicare help pay for the mobility device.
  • Ask your doctor if you should wear a specific type clothing while using your mobility device; think power wheelchair or power scooter.
  • If they do not already have this from a previous appointment, mention any medical conditions of siblings or parents (especially those related to mobility issues).
  • Ask if there are specific exercises you can do while at home using your mobility device.

During the mobility evaluation you will want to be as transparent as possible concerning what your health condition past and present is like. The more your doctor knows, the more understanding he/she will have concerning your mobility issues. Also, this additional information concerning mobility issues will provide additional support for having a power mobility device such as a power wheelchair or power scooter approved by your insurance provider. For more information concerning your mobility needs give us a call at 888-345-1780 or on the web here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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