Qualifying for Catheters Through Insurance

When considering the prospect of urinary catheterization, it is not unusual for patients to feel overwhelmed when dealing with the insurance side of treatment. As patients struggle with their own health problems, they also experience the stress of navigating pages of sometimes conflicting and complex information. The most common question patients may find themselves asking is just how the process to qualify for catheters through insurance works. Thankfully, patients need not struggle through this process alone, as Aeroflow Healthcare can be right there with you every step of the way.

Step 1: Getting a Prescription

The process to initiate obtaining catheter supplies is very similar across all forms of insurance. The first and most crucial piece of documentation required will be a doctor’s order or prescription. This will need to include the patient’s name, a description of the type of catheter recommended for the patient, as well as a recommended monthly quantity.  Finally, the order will need to be signed and dated by the patient’s prescribing physician.

Step 2: Finding a Supplier

Once this order is obtained, the patient can work with a durable medical equipment provider to have their order filled. There are a wide variety of catheter products on the market today, and even when patients have obtained their written order, there can still be some questions as to which specific catheter is right for their unique needs. Aeroflow Healthcare can assist with making the right choice, and ensuring prompt delivery of each and every future catheter supply order patients will need.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Prescription 

In many cases, particularly when first adjusting to the process of catheterization, patients will find that they may exceed the number of catheters per month originally prescribed in their physician’s order. This can be due to a number of factors, but often times is due to the fact that intermittent catheters are not reusable, and patients new to the treatment may experience difficulty in catheterizing. As a result of this difficulty, patients may use up their monthly allotment too quickly.

While Medicare, for example, will cover up to 200 single use intermittent catheters per month, this amount is often not initially prescribed by physicians. Any increase or adjustment to a patient’s catheter supplies will of course require documentation in order to obtain proper coverage and reimbursement from insurance. This can, of course, create further stress for patients who may already be exhausted of navigating insurance hurdles, in addition to their own health concerns.

Step 4: Stick With The Supplier Who Supports You

This possible hurdle is one of many reasons patients should consider obtaining their supplies from a durable medical equipment provider, like Aeroflow Healthcare. In cases where quantities may need to be increased, or products adjusted or changed, Aeroflow Healthcare can assist patients by working with both your physician and your insurance company.

Our experienced customer service team can streamline the process of getting required documentation for your catheter needs, so that patients can focus on successfully complying with their treatment. If you wish to talk to a representative about your existing catheter prescription, or if you are curious about urinary catheterizaiton, fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form or call 844-276-5588.

While it may be possible to find medical products such as catheters slightly cheaper on cash pay websites, patients will be without an experienced and professional support system that a company like Aeroflow Healthcare can provide. Before beginning your path to an increased quality of life through catheter usage, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today so we can assist you every step of the way.

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