Qualify for a Power Wheelchair Through Insurance

If you are interested in a power wheelchair (PWC) there are a few ways you can qualify for a power wheelchair through insurance and make sure you receive the one that best addresses your mobility needs. Your insurance may assist with the purchase of a power wheelchair if you have certain limited mobility issues. These issues must negatively affect your ability to perform one or more mobility related activities you participate in on a regular basis. These MRADLs will include activities such as: cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, grooming and other common activities performed within the home. Your insurance will not approve coverage of a power wheelchair if it is only used for the following:

  • Outside
  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Strolls down the street or to the neighbors home
  • Any other outside activities that require walking longer than you can possibly walk

You may qualify for a power wheelchair through insurance if the following applies:

  • Individual mobility is grossly impaired and affects ability to participate in one of more of the MRADLs (mobility related activities of daily living).
  • The limits of mobility cannot/will not see drastic improvement even while using a cane or walker.
  • A manual wheelchair is not adequate for medical improvement due to weakness in a patient’s arms, pain or additional handicaps/dysfunctions.
  • Patient can safely transfer on and off the power wheelchair; maintain posture, stability and position.
  • Patient is mentally capable of operating the equipment safely in the home.
  • Patient is physically capable of operating the equipment safely in the home.
  • Patient’s home supports use of the power wheelchair with adequate space.

This information must be supported with physical documentation from a doctor and provided in the form of F2F (face-to-face) notes. During this F2F visit, your doctor will perform an actual mobility evaluation, which will review your history of mobility issues and include a physical exam to determine your current mobility level. If additional information is needed (usually by your insurance company), you may be required to see a physical therapist or occupational therapist in addition to your primary care physician.

Qualify for a power wheelchair through insurance by phone or online

You can contact us by phone at 1-888-345-8785 or online by clicking here to complete the online form and determine if you qualify.

Our mobility specialists will then follow up with you to ensure you have scheduled the appointment, if your doctor is going to prescribe a power wheelchair for you and also for receipt of any paperwork documenting this prescription. This paperwork from your face-to-face office visit with the doctor must state that a power wheelchair is needed for your mobility needs and is exactly what your insurance will look for before they agree to pay. Without this, you will most likely have to pay out of pocket for the power wheelchair.

For the online option: An Aeroflow Healthcare representative will follow up with within three business days concerning your mobility needs. Take note that all fields are required in order for this to be successful. For more information on how to qualify for a power wheelchair through insurance be sure to contact us at 1-888-345-1780.

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