Purchasing an Extra CPAP Machine, Masks and Equipment

Purchasing an Extra CPAP Machine, Masks and Equipment

Many patients diagnosed with Sleep Apnea receive CPAP equipment through their health insurance provider. DME companies like Aeroflow Healthcare help patients through the Sleep Apnea testing process and then guide them all the way through filing the claim with their insurance and receiving the necessary equipment. But most insurance companies follow a strict supply replacement schedule, which means they may not pay for additional parts and machines for patients.

Enter Aeroflow Healthcare and child company  We have the patient covered. Not only do we help you through the maze of filing with your insurance and setting you up on the appropriate resupply schedule, but we also offer a cash-pay site,, that sells the necessary machines, masks and supplies at a price patients can afford out of pocket.

With quality brands offered at competitive prices, Sleep Apnea patients can now afford the convenience of a second machine. Here are two main reasons why some patients are electing to purchase extra CPAP equipment:

1. Travel

CPAP machines are a critical part of Sleep Apnea treatment. A second machine and set of equipment can help you achieve regular use of your CPAP, known medically as compliance success, because you’ll be less tempted to cut corners.  Having that second machine eliminates the hassles that come with having to remember all the settings, equipment and instructions that may change when you need to travel or switch rooms.

2. Sanitation

Whenever moisture is present from water supplies, body humidity, or any bodily fluid, bacteria can grow.  Sometimes this bacteria build-up can occur even if your equipment is cleaned and dried regularly. When this happens in between replacement-scheduled times, you can avoid possible bacterial or viral infections by purchasing  extra equipment from

If you have questions about Sleep Apnea testing, filing through your insurance or insurance replacement schedules, call Aeroflow Healthcare at 888-345-1780 or visit  If you’re ready to purchase your secondary machine or backup CPAP supplies, head on over to and shop name brands like Philips Respironics, ResMed, Roscoe and Fisher & Paykel now! You can also find more information about CPAP treatment and health on their blog: Sleep Apnea Station.

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