How to Protect Your Back During the Holidays

Using a back brace during the holidays

As the weather gets colder, your mind may turn to planning for the upcoming holiday season. And in addition to dealing with judgmental in-laws and overcooked turkeys, you also need to think about how to protect your back during this hectic time of the year. Keep reading to learn how to protect your back from holiday-induced injuries.

Don’t Be a Hero

Protect your back this holiday season with a back brace

With everyone so busy during the holiday season, it may seem tempting or even necessary to try and undertake a variety of holiday preparations on your own. Maybe you’re reasonably confident you can carry an entire pine tree by yourself. And yes, the turkey seems to be a bit heavier than last year, but if you really throw your back into it, you’re sure you can get it into the oven.

But using this kind of herculean thinking is only going to give you a backache, and you’ll likely end up spending the rest of your holidays on the couch popping pain medication. Instead, the best course of action is to identify tasks that should be a two-person job so that you can recruit a helper. Jobs like lifting heavy gifts (e.g., flat screen TVs), carrying boxes of holiday decorations, cutting down the Christmas tree, and cooking the holiday turkey may all require an extra pair of hands.

Use a Back Brace

You know the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure”? Well, it holds true when it comes to protecting your back during the holidays. Whether you already have a weak or injured back, or you’re taking a proactive approach to preventing a back injury, using a back brace during heavy lifting tasks can prevent unnecessary and painful injuries. Consider trying a brace like the Aspen Evergreen 637 LSO, which provides unparalleled support in relieving existing back pain and supporting the back during heavy lifting tasks.

This one-size-fits all brace can be easily adjusted and the compression system allows the wearer to tighten the top and the bottom of the brace independently so that support can be localized for maximum stability and pain relief. And remember, a back brace is covered through insurance and Medicare plans, so don’t let a tight holiday budget prevent you from supporting your back during the holiday season!

Lift Like a Professional

Anyone who does a lot of heavy lifting (e.g., movers, warehouse workers) will tell you that you need to lift smart to avoid straining your back. If you do need to do some heavy lifting during the holiday season then consider utilizing this tip.

Lift with your legs: Stand close to the object you’re going to lift, and face it head on. Then, keeping your back straight, bend your knees and lower yourself before you attempt to lift the object. Start to lift the object while keeping your back straight, while using strength from your arms and legs. Remember, you don’t want to bend your back when lifting an object!

Overall, if you want to protect your back this festive season, simply follow the three tips outlined above to ensure you’re able to enjoy the holidays with loved ones rather than nursing a bruised back in bed.

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